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Is there truth to not switching dog food?

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I've always heard you should NOT switch a dog's food brand suddenly. I'll admit, three times we have run out of food on a Sunday and the pet store that sells our "regular food" wasn't open and we had to grab a bag of whatever to feed him.


He always gets super excited whenever we feed him "different" food. I've never noticed any reactions. Just wondering if this is at true deal or not...

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Our dog has never had a problem with any food, changing it whenever - or with table scraps. We have a mutt and not a purebred. Maybe there's something to that? Or maybe it's conditioning since we haven't been particular since he was a pup? He likes different foods. There's no way I'd make him eat the same thing day in and day out over and over again. Out in the wild he'd have variety... (though actual dog food probably wouldn't be one of them!). The vet tells us he's quite healthy - now at 11 years of age (Lab/Dalmatian cross).


Edited to add my family has had several dogs over the years from my youth on and none have ever had problems with food variety. Two were purebred German Shepherds, the rest were mutts of some sort from Shepherd crosses to Jack Russell crosses. All were brought up with variety since puppyhood. All lived into old age with no issues health-wise.

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