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Where is that kitchen remodel blog post....

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Ok, question.


I see she added brackets to the base of her cabinets (LOVE THAT!) but what did she add to the tops of her cabinets? Not sure if I missed that in the read or what but she added some sort of molding up there to change the look and make it go up a bit.


We are considering painting our cabinets. I am going back and forth with the black or the antique white with brown glaze type thing. I would love the green glaze, but we do plan to sell and I want to go with something a little more neutral than my own taste.


I wish I had her "eye."



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I will be showing this to DH when he gets back from his business trip.


Wondering how I can make it cottagie, but without white. Our house has a lot of wood, so the white beadboard and such wouldn't go.


I really like that colored glass tile backsplash look.




She had her husband add 1x6 molding to the top.


There is a Kitchen FAQ on her site. It's on the left hand side.

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Guest TheLetteredCottage

Hey guys!

Just wanted to pop in and thank you for all the kind words you've posted over here about our little kitchen re-do. We've got LOTS of other big plans for it in the near future.

The work just never seems to be done around here! :-)


Layla Palmer

The Lettered Cottage

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