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Literature suggestions for AP European History?

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My dd (17) is taking an AP European History class this year and is loving every minute of it. Her one regret is that there is not a corresponding lit class. She would like to do some reading on the side. It was my job to come up with a list. Hasn't happened.:tongue_smilie: All of her lit and comp classes at the high school have been more contemporary in nature and imo, not particularly challenging. Unfortunately my personal library tends to focus on the 19th century and above. I would really appreciate some suggestions. If you have favorite literary guides, please include them. Dd is a strong reader with an extensive vocabulary. It has also been many years since I have censored works. The class is currently at the reign of Louis XIV.


I have to find some way to have literary discussions with this child as they are so rewarding.:001_smile:

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You know that I will suggest WEM as your general guide, but my immediate literary suggestion is Tartuffe. The Wilbur translation of this commentary on religious zeal is written in rhyming couplets that are fun and accessible. Louis XIV apparently saw a performance of the play so reading it would be timely.


Has your daughter read Robinson Crusoe? Gulliver's Travels? Any Henry Fielding? Not everyone on this board would be comfortable with a book like Tom Jones, but it is a fun romp and was one of my favorites when I was not much older than your daughter. Another favorite from my own high school years was She Stoops to Conquer (Goldsmith). It occurs to me that I am, in general, a fan of farce and satire.


Another idea, Lisa, might be to join the AP European History teachers ListServ, the teachers' lounge, so to speak, for the course. When my son was preparing for the AP Biology exams, I "listened" in not only for test and lab ideas, but for suggestions of outside reading.


Hope you are well.


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Some titles that come to mind:

A Tale of Two Cities by C. Dickens

The Prince by Machiavelli

A Man for all seasons by Bolt?

Desiree by Annemarie Selinko

The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas

Ivanhoe by Walter Scott

Rob Roy

War and Peace by Tolstoy

Brothers Karamazov

Here I Stand by Ronald Bainton - biography of Martin Luther


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Jane and Nissi, thank you for your suggestions. It didn't occur to me to check TWTM until after I had posted. :blush: I use it for the one I'm home schooling and forget about it for the high schoolers when supplementing issues come up. I also have WEM on hand as well. I love Golding and have a well-worn book of satire and farce in a similar vein. You both have titles listed that were not in TWTM that would be perfect.


Jane, I didn't know I could sit in on the ListServ. That would be great. It's encouraging to see my dd enjoying this class. Sorry this is scattered. Had to run get a new mouse so I could get my board fix and now we're off to the doctor's office.

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