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Magic Jack anyone?

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Can we also talk Ooma in this thread? Am wondering which way I should go....Ooma is similar to magic jack, except your computer does not have to be on for it to work, there is a steaper sign up fee, and you can keep the home phone number you have now. From what I understand, MJ still hasn't gotten to where you can keep your phone number.


With MJ you pay $20 a year, I think. With Ooma the start up fee is like $250, the only yearly fee, is $11.75 to cover phone taxes. But, it does plug in to your high speed internet, before the computer, so that if your computer is off, it still works...Both cover all phone calls. Local, International etc.


Anyone used either of these? I'm hesitant to try something new, but I love the idea of no phone bill... I do like being able to keep my own number. I've heard people have trouble with MJ---like their horrible customer service, and not being able to get the software off of your computer, if you want to later. I don't think there is any software to download with Ooma, but I don't know.....


Anyone used either of these?

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I don't know much about it at all, really, but my parents have one they use for thier fax. They called us on it when they first put it in, and they sounded fine, a little quieter, but I could still hear them well enough. Also, thier number came up with an Alaska area code (we are in WI).

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We have the Magic Jack. We only had cell phones before that and my cell doesn't work well in the house, so the Magic Jack is definitely an improvement.


Here are a few problems that we've had with it:


Sometimes the person I'm talking to can hear noises as if I was pushing buttons, but I don't hear it.


It has dropped my call once, but only once.


My father has it hooked up to his computer and he doesn't like that every time someone calls. or we call out, the MJ box pops up on his screen. He can't find a way to make it stop doing that.


You have to dial the area code for all calls, and sometimes it will tell you that the call can't go through because you didn't dial the area code (even though you did).


Sometimes you have to try dialing several times before the call will go through.


... these are just minor annoyances, though, and don't happen all the time. It's still much better than trying to use my cell phone which will only work in one tiny spot in the house (won't work outside either unless I go around the block), and drops my calls ever couple of minutes.

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We love our Magic Jack. It's been so great to have here. The only issue we have is sometimes it will black out a little during a conversation. But, we have 3rd world internet technology and that could be most of the problem. It only happens when we call my parents. They don't have a landline and their cell phones don't always get good coverage in their house, so it can be a pain! But, that's it! Love the $20 a year!!!


ETA: You can also get voicemails sent to your e-mail account so you can hear them there. Also, you can get call forwarding to your cell phone so you don't have to have it plugged into your computer to get the call. You can pick it up through your cell.

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