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I am just now getting started on a blog (What is it...2004 or something?) Literally I set it up yesterday. So I have nothing to say yet! I'll seek out your thread again if I do.


I got all caught up yesterday trying to "pretty" it up with a template or a background and ran into some troubles (mostly to do with my 'puter). So I was clicking around to a bunch of the blogs from you guys on here to get some ideas. It was fun but I was up waaayyyyyyy too late!


Yours is very good!

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oohh, I didn't know about this. I think I want to do it, I'll go around to the site and check it out. I was toying with the idea of the novel month idea, but I really don't have time, but blogging is something I need to do more of. Is it the idea of posting every day for a month?


thanks for posting this!:D

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I signed up also. I have had a blog for a couple of years and just started to make an effort to write in it daily. This will help my motivation:D.


Thanks for passing it on...looking forward to checking out the other blogs. My blog is in my sig- and I'll be sure to add yours to my reading list.

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