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A good use for Halloween candy....


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I taught my kids how to outline with halloween candy.


We dumped their buckets over and I asked them to seperate it into 3 different groups. (They chose candy bars, hard candy, and chewy candy) Those were the I, II, and III


Then we did A,B,C by listing the types in each pile.


Then I showed them 1,2, etc. by listing flavors.


I. Chewy Candy

A. Starburst

1. wild berry

2. fruit flavor

B. Taffy

1. Laffy Taffy

a. bite size

b. large


II. Chocolate bars

A. Hershey bar

1. plain

2. with almonds

B. KitKat

1. regular

2. peanut butter



Then we mixed the candy and sorted it again by something else like favorites, color of candy, fat content, etc.


They really understood it after that.

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I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I read it over the weekend, then got out our writing lesson this morning and part of it was on outlining. The kids groaned. I said, grab your notebooks and lets go. We ran upstairs, dumped a bag of halloween candy and had so much fun.


I don't think they will soon forget the steps in outlining or how to organize their information (they each chose different methods which was even better!).


What perfect timing! I was so grateful for the creative lesson.

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We also used it for a science lesson one year, helping to explain how to classify things. The kingdoms were chocolate, non-chocolate, etc.... It was a great exercise because it highlights the difficulties in classifying things that have similar characteristics to other things.

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