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"At the Back of the North Wind" (George MacDonald)--opinions?

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Has anyone read this? Wondering about getting it for dd 9. It seems like a nice book, from the reviews I have read. Does anyone know if the themes are too heavy? Or is the book 'dark?'





Thanks so much!

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I would have to say that At the Back of the North Wind is my least favorite of MacDonald's children's books (and he is one of my very favorite authors). I found the book to be a little dark as well as overly long for the topic. Instead, I would recommend these: Sir Gibbe, Alec Forbes and his Friend Annie, The Wise Woman and Other Stories, The Princess and the Goblin, and The Princess and Curdie. The first 2 are not fantasy, the others are. We enjoyed reading The Wise Woman aloud recently.

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You all are so helpful, thank you! I think I will wait a bit on that one, and choose some of the others. Dd is a voracious reader, and I struggle to find enough books to keep her happy. It is just hard to find appropriate books, and I don't like to read fiction (I love non-fiction). Your comments are helping me so much.


Thank you again!


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I thought it was a very strange book. We listened to an audio version last year. We never even finished it, and the kids didn't care. The book started off sweet, but just got strange. We had enjoyed the two Princess books, but this one was weird. It had some very tender moments, but laced the driving plot of the other two books. It did have a plot, but sometimes we felt lost in the book.


my $.02

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