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Science in a Nutshell for Physics or ???


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Okay, so we're doing AIG's God's Design for Chemistry this year with my young 3rd grader & 1st grader. I realized around lesson 4 (cemented after the first quiz) that I may have over-estimated the ability of my kids. It says it is for grades 3-8 and I figured I wouldn't expect much out of the 1st grader. But they both got the same score on the first quiz and they aren't "getting" it as much as I had hoped.


The both love doing experiments (hands-on), but don't like the "reading" much. It takes a lot to keep them interested while I read the text to them.


So, I'm re-evaluating my preliminary science for next year. I was thinking we might go with God's Design for the Physical World, but that's ALSO Grades 3-8 (with a 2nd grader & a young 4th grader). I don't think it'll work well, even with the revised "full color" versions they have now.


So, anyone use Science in a Nutshell kits for Physics like the original WTM suggests? What do SWB's current recommendations suggest for the elementary physics rotation?


I have awhile before I have to decide, obviously. I'm looking for input as I like to have awhile to decide before I (impulsively, it seems) buy something next spring. :tongue_smilie:

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The Nutshells are good in that just about everything is included in the kits and they contain high quality materials.


The Nutshells drive me totally crazy because they use the discovery method. So, *nowhere* is it indicated what the expected results for the activities are. I think this is because they believe that there are no "right" answers. I no longer use the kits for this reason.

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We just finished the Sound one from Science in a Nutshell, and we have two more purchased for this year. The lack of answers was somewhat irritating, but I am not using them to be prescriptive, more to enhance areas that would otherwise not "come to life" as easily as I might like.


We got TOPS Magnetism & TOPS Electricity and used those earlier in the year - LOVED those, especially with the "starter kit." (Caveat: Our magnetism kit did not have enough copper uninsulated wire. You might want to check ahead and be sure you have enough.)

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