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When did my 2 yr old learn to tell whoppers?

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Okay now that the kids are asleep I can share this tale from earlier today. DD2 has always been very verbal. Recently she has become even more so but talking in sentences more often then not etc.


Today as I put her in the bath I noticed new bruises on her legs. So I said "where did you get these bruises?" the following conversation is what occured.


Her: "I falled off my bike"

Me: "You were not riding your bike, it is put away for winter"

Her: "I ride it all the time. Asleep."

Me: "so you dream about riding your bike"

Her: "Es, I falled"


Okay so apparently she dreamed about riding her bike, fell off in the dream and that is what caused the bruises to her legs. Alrighty then.


I still have no clue how she got the bruises. And I am surprised that a) we even had this conversation, she just turned 25 months, and b) that she was able to concoct this whole story for me.


Of course I should have known she could. This is the girl who recently will walk into a room, and throw herself to the ground then tattle that one of the kids, hit, pushed or tripped her. A complete falsehood.


While I am loving having a very verbal 2 year old, I am not loving having her try her hand at lieing so young. Good grief.

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Its not a lie. It is a version of reality as she knows it, remembers it, or wants it to be. Two year olds don't lie, they just tell what happened or what they imagined happened. Perception is reality when you are two. Now a teenager will lie without thought to avoid getting in trouble so its best to not back them into corners, but you have a few years to worry about that with this one.

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I think it is a normal part of child development. Your dd is probably a bit advanced compared to the average, but that's not surprising if she was an early talker to start with.


Re your concern about the lie, kids can't actually tell lies until they develop Theory of Mind. Most experts agree that this happens at somewhere between 3 and 4 years of age. You can do a simple test with her dad or another adult (or older child) as your accomplice. Get a non see-through container that she recognizes, eg a cookie jar, and show her what is inside. Send your accomplice out of the room. While she watches, take out the cookies or whatever, and put something else, eg beans, into the jar. Then ask the child "When Daddy come back, I'm going to ask him what's in there. What do you think he will say?" A child who has developed ToM will say "cookies". A child who has not will say "beans", because she assumes that other people know the same things she does.


Of course, lies in the moral sense take even longer for children to fully comprehend.

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I agree it is a normal part of development and I am not angry with her or anything. I jsut wasn't prepared to have it start with my newly 2 yo kwim. My boys were such late talkers they were closer to 4.5-5 before coming up with stories. My other dd was an early talker but was still closer to 3 before coming up with stories like this. She jsut caught me off guard is all.

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