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We have a coyote problem, need dog advice

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I love coyotes, and Im happy they are making such a comeback. HOWEVER...we have several that live around our property. We live on a small farm of 3 acres, and we are surrounded by 70 acres of fields and woods. We hear coyotes singing a few times a week, and often they sound like they are close to the perimeter of our yard. In the spring we had one run THROUGH our yard! Here is a photo http://finding-the-way-home.blogspot.com/2009/06/coyote.html


My kids are outside a lot, and we would like to utilize our woods more often. Im considering adding a large dog to our family...we have a Lab but he doesnt do anything LOL! We had a Weimaraner for awhile, but our friend was head over heels in love with her and asked if he could have her so we let him. I used to work with rescue dogs before kids. I found a guy who has pups whose mom is 1/2 Great Pyr, 1/2 Anatolian, and the dad is 1/2 Spanish Mastiff and 1/2 Maremma. I want a dog that will protect the kids if necessary but be a good companion. We live close to a dog park and can utilize that with socialization along with obedience class, having people visit often, going to pet friendly stores...of which we have several around town.


I do not want a dog that is not going to let people over to visit...had that once with the English Shepherd we had a year ago...I felt like I had failed with him but the breeder reassured me that I did do everything right, his temperament was just a fluke..he now lives happily with a widower who runs a cattle farm.


What are your thoughts on this mix as a family dog?

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If you want the dog, get the dog. Yotes are not a threat to your children in the woods. If you have chickens or cats the yotes will get them, but unless you have a rabid coyote, and that's very rare, you don't have to worry about them bothering the kids.


Now if you have mountain lions that's a whole nother problem. Yotes are not.

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We do have cats and the old Lab, and have plans to get goats and chickens. I know coyotes are not a typical threat and thank God we don't have mountain lions. However there have been accounts of coyotes going after children and yesterday there was a new story of an adult woman being attacked and killed by coyotes. Having a big beastly dog would set my mind at ease. Last year our neighbors dog who was decent sized was attacked and killed by coyotes.

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