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Life of Fred Geometry: How much "face time" do you spend with your student?...

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And, what do you go over together?


LOF Geometry is going so much better than the ChalkDust for us. But, I wish there was more for me to do - LOL! I did pull out the Holt, and had DS complete a chapter test that covered things he should have known - and he did. So, all's well, I guess. But, especially in light of the recent threads, I guess I'm just curious to hear how everyone else is using LOF Geometry.


(Sure wish one of those "companion" books was available for Geometry. I don't know that we *need* it, but it would ease the voices in my head - LOL!)



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I sit with dd while she's doing the first 4 cities in the back. Well, I don't sit with her for all of it. This is more time than I've ever spent with her in math because she likes to learn it on her own. It's more of a self-teaching book, so if it's going well, rejoice.


He says it's complete. The proofs aren't quite as rigourous as our other book in that you can simply say "Algebra." But we do two books because I had already planned to do the other. I had no idea how much dd would prefer LoF, particularly since she hated TT (thought TT was too easy.)

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