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I want a new history encyclopedia, help please

Karen in CO

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Yesterday, we read a part of a story that was set in 1807 in England. The kids in the story couldn't remember who was the king of England in that year and whether or not Napoleon had attacked the coast of England during that time. This morning, we pulled out the Red Kingfisher history encyclopedia and read about Napoleon, found the king of England and pieced together a picture of the world at that time including who the U.S. President was, but I wasn't satisfied with the information we got.


This one is fine for reading and the pictures are okay, but it isn't great for looking up a specific or date or event. Tell me about your history encyclopedia - what do you like about it and what is its weakness?

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Have you seen The Timetables of History by Bernard Grun? This is by no means "readable" like Kingfisher or Usborne's, it is simply a large book that is set up like a table of dates. It begins in 5000 BC, and beginning in AD 500, each year is listed. Across the top of each page, there are 7 columns-- History/Politics, Literature/Theater, Religion/ Philosophy/ Learning, Visual Arts, Music, Science /Technology /Growth, and Daily Life. It is not in depth by any means, but it is pretty good for getting a "snapshot" of what was going on in any given year.


Hope that helps...

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