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s/o of HiddenJewel's poll on age of logic stage


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I would always suit the work to the child. If he's not ready, there's no point in frustrating him -- meet him where he is. And if he is ready, I'd certainly consider bumping him up. It's not a given (as Karin pointed out in the other thread there's often more to an advanced subject than just development), but if his current work is too easy or not keeping his attention, then definitely move on.


I did hold off on changing DS's history just because we hadn't finished the 4 year cycle and I didn't want to switch gears midstream... but we did add in some more meaty work as we went.

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My 11yo dyslexic son is very logical and analytical, but could never handle the WTM logic stage procedures (outlining, writing, logic, etc.) at this time. He can't do logic puzzles that involve words. He can't spell, write, or read on grade level. He can think abstractly for math, but he can't remember the steps of long division.


His LDs make his academic work very difficult.

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