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Where do go with History?

Honey Bee

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I'm thinking through history for my family...


...it must be taught to different levels at same time,

...it must be living books driven,

...above all have a christian worldview and teach Bible.


I've been looking at ToG, MFW, HOD, BF, WP, VP, etc. and its hard to tell from the samples on websites just how in-depth the worldview and Bible go.


Can you give some insight into...


...how Bible is handled, if you use these programs, and/or

...what worldview they are teaching from?


For example, it's hard for me to tell about TOG, it looks like just Bible survey and not actually studying the Bible, maybe its integrated with history? I'm using BF Early America now, but we we move on next year to Ancients or Cultures depending on what I choose. Your wise words are such a blessing to me! Thank You!

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I can comment on TOG because this is our 3rd year using it. The Bible itself is part of the text books in year 1 because it is when the history was happening (Ancients). The Bible is not used as a text in years 2-4 because it all happened during the Ancients. However, every lesson has Biblical worldview built in. Every topic is looked through the lens of Biblical principles. Verses are weaved throughout the history questions and the teacher's notes, helping to make connections with our history and God's ultimate plan.


Feel free to ask more questions if you have them.

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We're using Mystery of History. It can be taught to different levels. (I plan on using it through out their entire schooling as a spine.) It comes from a Biblical world view... right now we are in Book 1 which is the Ancients... Creation to Resurrection. We are almost done... I would read things that we were studying from the Bible to the kids during our Bible time. Of course, it covers much more than Biblical history, weaving in secular history, but from a Christian worldview. She gives ideas for activities for three different age groups, which I think could quite easily fit into the trivium stages although I haven't looked extensively at the activities in the upper two age groups). The kids love history and we don't do the activities at all. We just read each day and once a week they narrate. We also keep a timeline and do the map work she suggests (sometimes altering to meet the needs of the young children I have). I've been very pleased.


As far as living books... she doesn't list a lot of resources, however I just get library books that center around the themes we're doing. We use those books for reading.

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