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I need to choose next year's greek . . . help, anyone?


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We currently use both LfC (on our own) and an online class using LL (lonepieneclassical.com). It is just perfect for us. I love the way each one helps us with the other. We love the approach of LL and how our teacher teaches it. We also love how LfC really makes some of the grammar in LL so much easier. We've got a great thing going!


Next year we plan to add Greek. I'm just about to chicken out for two reasons: where in the world will we find the time to add another language? and Where in the world will we find ***ONE*** affordable program that will work like LfC and LL together?


I only want to add one so I need a program that will do both. Grammar a la LfC and heavy reading component a la Orberg.


Any ideas???

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