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What is this? Diagnosis help

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I think I'm going to take my ds to the doctor tomorrow but it's bugging me as I have no clue as to what it could be.


He had a small grayish smudge on his chin just below his lower lip that looked like a bruise this weekend. Tonight it has spread and is more blue and purple. He said that it hurts inside his mouth like a tooth ache but on the inside of his lip. I can't quite tell but it may also be discolored inside his lip.


He doesn't remember hurting himself there recently. Any ideas as to what it could be?

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It sounds like a bruise. Bruises will spread and even change color. Perhaps he had bitten himself in there? Could you put some ora-gel in there to numb it a bit?


Of course that doesn't mean that you shouldn't go to the Dr. for his opinion. (I tend to just have dh who is an RN look at those sorts of things and we usually can get away with not going.)

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