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Why am I so nervous? Buying a house

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I completely understand... it's a huge purchase, and it makes you feel as if you've become placed in a location for a long time (at least in this real estate market). Both of those can be scary for people.


I hope it goes well and you are able to create new memories in your new home soon! Best wishes! :grouphug:

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Guest janainaz

Understandable! It's stressful, no doubt. The day we were scheduled to sign our house papers my dh woke up and told me he thought he was getting let go at his job. It was a big, ugly, stressful mess. I had to let it go and flow with it. Instead, he came home and found out he was taking a huge salary cut. It was just lovely. It all worked out in the end. Hang in there!

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It's actually a great time to be buying. Interest rates are less than 5% and values are good. We signed papers today, too! Our HUD offer was accepted yesterday and we bought a great house for $42 a sf! UnREAL! Hope it goes well for you, but if for some reason it falls through, that just means that there is another great house out there for you! ;)

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