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Sonlight 7... any users or those knowledgeable?


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I'm looking at SL 7 for next year. My ds will be 13.


I'm looking at what we're doing now, which is separate curriculum for each subject vs. the complete SL 7 Core. I always thought SL would be way too demanding, but when I think of it vs. a separate Bible, Bible memory, literature, reading comprehension, history, poetry study, and writing program, it doesn't seem so unrealistic.


My questions are these:


1. How long do your students work in these subjects?

2. Is the history portion to be read aloud? (SOTW etc...)

3. How much time for reading aloud is required?

4. Is it a challenge to do the read-alouds with young ones? (The other boys will be 10 and 3.)

5. Are two cores realistic?

6. Do I need to add a grammar study?

7. Besides grammar, would I only need to add math and science?


Any thoughts/advice are appreciated, :)

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Thank you so much! That was very helpful.


And I may do as you suggest and add in appropriate level books for my 10yo. That's a practical solution and he's familiar with narration and notebook pages.


Btw, I love that you read while on the exercise bike. The problem for me would be that I don't think the people at the gym would appreciate me bringing the boys in while I work out. :lol: Seriously though, maybe I need to get one for the home. I do not like working out in public.


Thanks again, :)

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My dc were 8, 11, & 13yo at the time. I added in the RAs from SL 3+4, as the time period was roughly the same. DD did SL 7 as written. DS#1 used the SL 3+4 readers & ds#2 used the SL gr2 readers. All 3 dc listened in to the SL 7 history readings & both RAs. I did not like the comprehension questions for SOTW in the IG, so we used the SOTW AG & I had my dc do the mapping from the SOTW AG. I spent probably around an hour daily doing the readings (History 7, RA 7, & RA 3+4). The writing assignments for SL7 are quite a lot of work & dd finished about half, but she did read all the readers.


I know SL doesn't reccommend combining a world history core with an American history core, but it worked really well for us. The time periods studied are roughly the same & it was a way for me to add in a bit of American history without losing our world history focus. I didn't try to corelate the 2 cores, but instead used them as written. I didn't not use the SL 3+4 history part, as SOTW & the Foster books were enough for us.



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I did core 7 with an 8th grader, 6th grader, and a 3rd grader. The 3rd grader fully participated in history and readaloud, but her readers had nothing to do with history. She is dyslexic and was still way behind in her reading level at that point. She's very bright though and had no problems keeping up with her sisters for history and readaloud.


I did some swapping of books between readaloud and reader. I switched some because they were listed as readers, but I knew my 3rd grader would enjoy them. I switched others because they were listed as readalouds, but I knew my 3rd grader would have a hard time with them.


Overall it was a very good Core. I got tired of the long readings in the Foster books, but my 6th grader absolutely loved them.


We started school at 9am and were generally done some time around 2 or 3. That's been awhile, so I may not remember the times very well anymore. I know that I added SWB's questions for SOTW3 and SOTW4 for my 6th and 8th graders. They answered as much as they could without the book, but could look back in the book to refresh their memories.

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