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Need ideas for science club - invertebrates!

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I am fresh out of ideas fir hands-on activities for our next science club meeting next Tuesday. It is for ages 6 - 10. We will be studying invertibrates - insects, worms, octopi, etc. Any great hands-on things we can do? It is too cold to go searching for them, unless I want to collect the ants that have surfaced in my bathroom lately. This is the midwest, so no tidepools here:). Last time, we grew cultures from all over my house, so I am afraid we won't be able to top that.


So, hive - waddya got?

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Isopods--sow bugs, pill bugs, roly-polys, wood louse, whatever you may call them in your region. They're easy to find and interesting to learn about.








We just did similar labs last week from R.E.A.L. Science.

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Well, my dc studied invertebrates in science a couple of weeks ago. Their teacher brought in a bucket of dirt w/ some worms that she dug out of the garden, and put them in a clear plastic bin, and let them "dig" for the worms. She also had a dry starfish for them to look at, along w/ some brain coral. Oh, she had some snails too. But the hit w/ all the kids, was the Octopus! She went to the grocery store and bought one- they LOVED it!! We moms were totallly disgusted, which of course made them like it even more!

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Thanks so much. You are the best!!! I am concerned about getting an octopus because I have one family who are avowed vegetarians - from a philosophical belief. I wonder how they will take it:0.


Several people in this class are sound vegetarians, including my bf's children. They had a ball playing w/ it! I will say though, that they are respectful of the fact that others feel differently, and are ok w/ stuff like that. I'm off to check out the squid races! :D

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