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For those that use Saxon in upper elementary

Tanya in KS

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I do the warmup with the children - preferably at the start of the math lesson. Occasionally I may skip a day but then we make it uo the next day. We almost always get the fact sheet every day (math fact candy hleps with that!!)


My kids have been pretty much able to read the lesson themselves asking questions if they don't understand. But most of the time they understand. I don't assign the lesson practice, but I do make sure that I assign the related problems in the mixed practice for the next two days. For the most part, they do saxon independently.


I am one that does not have them do every problem - I hand pick about 15 problems and then add more if I see there are some that they need more practice. However, there was a good thread recently on reasons why not to skip problems and I am considering, with one of my children, going to one lesson over two days and completing all the problems.


That's how we do it.

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Not sure if 4th grade is upper elem--but dd is using 6/5 and we do the "little box at the top of the first page" almost every day. I go thru the lesson with her, and I assign all 25 problems. She does a few of the practice problems with me if I think she needs to (most of the time), and then gets a start on the 25 problems. This year I've had her do the first 8-10 while I'm in the room (usually folding laundry!), i.e., during "school" time, then I have her finish them later--any time before dinner, preferably, just to break it up a little and let us get on with other things.

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We just started Saxon (6/5) a few months ago, but this is the routine we have fallen into. For every lesson my son does the fact practice worksheet and then we go over the warm-up orally. He uses the whiteboard for any problem-solving type questions. He then reads the lesson by himself and explains to me what he has read. If he is unclear on a concept, we work through a few problems on the whiteboard. He then completes every problem in the lesson practice and review. Anything he misses he has to fix. We also do all the tests and activities. So far, so good with this routine.




You might find this site helpful: http://homeschoolwithsaxon.com/index.php

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