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Need East Coast Historical Trip Suggestions

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I am taking a trip to the east coast for three weeks with two other families. The kids range in age from 6 to 12. This is a trip for the kids to see and learn about a lot of historical places. Tentatively we are thinking Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and Virginia. Three weeks seems like a long time, but once you start listing all of the things that you can see, it is not much time at all. That is where you, the hive mind, come in. I am hoping that you can give me suggestions of places that are worthwhile seeing and guide me away from places that are just a waste of time.

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The Boston Children's Museum was fabulous http://www.bostonchildrensmuseum.org/. We had high hopes of seeing a mummy at the big science museum there (it was listed on the website), but when we were there a few years ago the mummy had just been sent back to whichever museum had loaned it. Hit the fine arts museum for the mummies (I wish we had had time to do both or chosen the fine arts one). Something else we wish we had had time to do was go to the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA. http://www.higgins.org/

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Maybe start north and go south, as the weather gets colder it may make a difference. Too bad you are missing the changing of the leaves, though, so in that case, maybe start south to catch the leaves and travel north.


It's totally subjective as to what is worthwhile and what's a waste of time, but here are some that we loved. The youngers don't enjoy the guided tours as much as the hands-on stuff, but we do it anyway -- it's not JUST for them but for us, too.


Boston sights: there's SO much, you could take the whole time just there. Take the Freedom Trail in downtown Boston and include all the guided features you can handle (there will be too many to do all, and a lot of it is self-guided); and don't forget to see the USS Constitution while you are there. Maybe visit the Pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation an hour south of Boston (may be crowded the closer you get to Thanksgiving), Olde Sturbridge Village (1800's I think?) about 90 minutes west of Boston. West of Boston we also enjoyed Northampton where Jonathan Edwards ministered; I think there's some sort of museum-type thing there which used to be his house.


This summer we visited the Gettysburg battlefields in PA -- great! Lots of Civil War sites along Rt. 81, PA thru VA.

Also, Philadelphia was great for Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. The guides really know their stuff.

Colonial Williamsburg is on our list for the future; I hear it's great too.


Have fun!

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