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Singapore? Starting where??

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Ok, for someone who's gone through this... I have a son who understands that he can skip count for a multiplication answer, I'm using a Japanese abacus to teach basic math. Although... the abacus is for just solidifying his understanding. He can look at 8 + 9 and without using his fingers tell you it's 17. He loves to sing about squares and cubes... He memorizes better than I ever have. Review it three times... and he's set.

He is a young 6; right now he loves math.

I am using Singapore US Textbooks with the teacher's part from Sonlight, for my daughter and think he might do well with them. I think he has done ok without a curriculum... But to be honest, I just wanna start him on something... for more to do. And, for the habit of "school". Of course, we'll still do living math books and such...


Where can I start him... either now or next year... I think it might be a good idea to figure out how to not "miss" anything since it seems different than the math I'm use to. (of course, I'm not use to an abacus either...)




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