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Dd's friendship woes

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My 11yo dd attends a co-op once a week, choir and an art class for homeschoolers once a week, and has ballet three to four days a week in the evenings. Group activities are fine, but dd has no close friends. She'd like at least one.


Unfortunately, our very tiny, inclusive homeschool group seems to be populated by a few Queen Bee-types and a larger contingent of quieter types who rarely return a friendly hello when one is offered. I respect personality differences, but don't understand outright rudeness in the name of being shy or reserved. My dd knows not everyone will want her as a friend, but common courtesy would be nice. If any other mom in the group notices the lack of interaction among the girls, I don't see it. I'm not even sure how to bring the issue up without someone feeling attacked or offended. This group is pretty much the only game in town, as we don't have many families who homeschool after the elementary years in our area.


To make matters worse, the monthly preteen and teen get togethers our group sponsors are held at the homes of the Queen Bee girls.


My dd has one potential friend, but her mother is so busy with her littles that our girls are only able to get-together once a month, though they would love to spend more time together.


This is so frustrating!

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My dd and her best friend do most of their socializing on the phone. The friend's mom and I are both very busy, and it's difficult to arrange actual play dates (are they still called that when the girls are 12yo?). They get together once or twice a month, but in the meantime they've managed to write a couple hundred page novel together while talking on the phone and emailing.


Is that something that might work for your dd and her friend?

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