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Can you do IEW SWI without doing TWSS?


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This program intrigues me, but is so expensive. I am totally thinking of next year, btw. My 11 yo ds is who I am thinking of.


I guess I'm trying to figure out if it is even in the realm of possibilities, financially speaking.


Also, I am a little intimidated by it. Is it really well organized? I couldn't use something I have to plan out...just don't have the time or desire to do all that. I think I read on one thread that there are some lesson plans now. Has anyone used them?


Thanks for all your help.

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The purpose of Teaching Writing With Structure and Style (TWSS) is to train the teacher how to teach writing. The purpose of Student Writing Intensive (SWI) is to have Andrew Pudewa teach the student. It would be possible to use SWI without having studied TWSS as a teacher, however, from a teacher's perspective, it would be difficult.


The TWSS leads the teacher step by step through the process of teaching writing by emphasizing structure and style. The course teaches not only what to teach, by why you should teach it. The beauty of learning TWSS is that you can apply it to any subject: literature, history, science, even mathematics. Without the TWSS background, you may also struggle to answer your student(s) questions about how/why to do something. Without a full understanding of the program, you may unwittingly adjust the program for your student, not realizing that you are leaving out a critical skill or a stepping stone that will be missed later.


If you can only afford one, I recommend that you purchase TWSS. Armed with that, you can teach any of your children how to write in any part of your curriculum. There is a student DVD in the back w/a short seminar to help them get started.


The SWI does come with lesson plans for implementing the program, but they may use language that you are not familiar with because you haven't seen the TWSS, which may make it hard to utilize them.


Have you looked around for a used copy? The company encourages people to share DVD's with each other, as long as everyone buys their own seminar workbook. Maybe there is someone who you can borrow from or who would be willing to split the cost and share the DVD's.


It is an excellent program. The only type of writing it doesn't cover is formal science reports, which follow a different format. There is also a supplemental program for high school students that teaches more about the "super essay," or lengthy, formal research paper (more than 7 paragraphs).

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Everything the previous poster says is true and I don't want to take away from anything she's written - TWSS goes into a lot more detail. However, that's not what everybody wants. Last year we used IEW and I bought both the SWI and TWSS. I watched the Tips DVD and first lesson from TWSS and never looked at it again. We were so happy with SWI-B and it was enough for us.


The Tips is only $10 so if you can swing it it's helpful, but personally I think you can get by with just SWI. I watched it with my DD, we enjoyed Andrew Pudewa's teaching style with the children and I'd give the program an A+.

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and I haven't looked at or bought TWSS. Just didn't appeal to me but I did spend lots of time on the website and yahoo groups supporting IEW - very good support.


I loved the SWI DVDs so much that I just bought SICC - B - can't wait to start. The lesson plans are very well organized. Just plug in the DVD and use the supplied hand outs and your are good to go ... I learned right along with my kids.


A+ and while my kids laugh at Mr. Pudewa - they know they've improved their writing by tons and are very proud (as am I).

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Any other ideas or thoughts?




If you have a local group, try to borrow TWSS and go through it yourself. You should also borrow the person's teacher notebook that goes with it, and buy one yourself (about $25). It's great for background on the methodology of IEW. Then you could go into a SWI knowing the big picture.


Or, if you don't have a local friend who could lend you TWSS, you could go right into the SWI that's appropriate for your children. You won't have the big picture, though, but that's ok, you don't really need it.


Or you could buy the Webster book, Blended Structure and Style in Composition . All IEW materials are based on it. It's here:


I enjoyed reading this book, but it's not nearly as entertaining as Andrew Pudewa on DVD. Webster will give you the big picture, classroom style.




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