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ISBN #'s for Chalk Dust Alg. 2?

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I know the ISBN numbers for the materials used for Chalk Dust Alg. 1 have been posted on this board.


I was wondering if anyone out there knows the correct ISBN numbers for the Houghton/Mifflin Larson Intermediate Algebra textbook, solutions guide, and the DVD Set, which I believe are the same materials that are used for the Chalk Dust Algebra 2 course.


Has anyone had good luck searching these materials down to purchase for a reasonable price?




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Sounds like you may be talking about the materials that are actually produced for and sold by Chalkdust.


I'm actually wanting to find the ISBN numbers to the same materials that are produced by Houghton/Mifflin.


I already have the Algebra 1 materials, so I know that it is possible to hunt down the Larson text, Solutions guide, and DVDs (with Dana Mosely) for that course.


Just wondering if anyone has been able to find the materials that match up with what Chalk Dust calls Algebra 2, but that are called Intermediate Algebra by Houghton/Mifflin.





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