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Favorite meals to feed a crowd

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Besides spaghetti & sauce, I'd serve garlic bread and do a tray of carrots & celery. If it can be more casual, I'd do hot dogs or sandwiches (basic bread + ham + cheese) with baked beans (buy the big can at Sam's, open & heat) and chips (or potato salad, if you have the inclination).

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Depends on the size of the crowd. The biggest thing for me is that the prep is easy and that it's easy to serve. I don't want to be required to monitor whatever it is or find extra serving dishes.


We had the neighbors (about 30) over for a hot dog dinner with all the fixin's. We had slaw, chili, relish, several varieties of mustard, onions, ketchup, etc. Chips and drinks. That was easy and fun.


Taco soup, chili, vegetable soup, etc. is always a crowd pleaser. Add a cheese plate and some bread and you are good to go.

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BBQ Pork Sandwiches...we buy the pork all ready from Sam's club. Each package says it feeds 20 people and it costs around $10. This is my easiest, low-stress, food for a crowd meal. I make a huge pasta salad the day before, cut up veggies for a veggie tray the day before (or buy them in bags at Sam's if I'm really stressed), open a few bags of chips. Throw the meat into the crockpot a few hours before. Easy peasy.


If it is something nicer, I'd do a casserole of some kind...it's easy to assemble two or three of them at a time (just make sure all of the pans will fit in your oven together). Lasagna, salad, french bread. Enchiladas, salad. Chicken & stuffing casserole, salad, rolls.


Maybe several crockpots of varying soups and rolls.

Assembly line type of meals...Hawaiian Haystacks, Taco Salad, Potato Bar

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Lasagna with salad and breadsticks. That's what we're having tomorrow for a small family get-together (8 adults, 4 young children and a baby). One person is a vegetarian, so I always make one lasagna with meat and the other with mushrooms and spinach (and pre-cooked onion this time). I also made buckeyes tonight. And we'll have birthday cake (celebrating both girls' birthdays).


ETA: I bought washable/disposable deep dish pans for the lasagna this time, plus lids. The pans were $0.99 each and the lids were $0.69. This is the first time I've done this, but I'm liking it already. They're deeper than my baking pans, and I can throw them away if I feel like it, and not have to wash them (although I will try to keep them if they're salvageable).

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