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I'm intimidated - how do I teach more than 1 kid?

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Especially if the kids are close in age and young, but accelerated? :confused: It's been fine so far having Sylvia home because I just give her some workbooks and ship her off to go play. But I think she's getting bored with that and wants to do some real school work (she has asked specifically too). But Becca requires a LOT of direct supervision because she's got the attention span of a gnat (typical for 6 yos?) and is very ahead in some areas and on track in others.


So, hints please? I want to start simple in giving Sylvia her own lessons - AAS 1 and RS A, I'm thinking, and then she can do her little half-page handwriting sheet. But how do I manage Becca during this time? We've got a small house and DH works odd hours so I almost never have help.

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I am in a similar boat, and it hasn't really turned out to be too difficult. My 4 year old is the earlier riser, so we start on math (MEP) while the 6 year old finishes her breakfast. Then he is allowed to play on Starfall or play in his room while we do the 6 year old's math, Latin/grammar, and I go over her assigned reading for the day. Then the 4 yo and I work on reading while the 6 yo does her independent reading. By the time she is done, the younger one has usually had his fill of school:001_smile: I do a writing exercise with the older one to finish up her morning, then they have time to play together.


We finish up in the afternoon. All of the other subjects the younger one has the opportunity to participate in, but I don't push him. He loves Spanish, art, and music, and listens in for about half of the history and science. We definitely have days that don't go smoothly , but it is working out better than I had expected.

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I've tried so many schedules and have yet to find one that I LOVE so I will be watching this post!

1. dd2 has roomtime for 1 hr while I do the intensive schoolwork with dd1 then dd1 has 1 hr roomtime while I do letters, #s, colors, shapes, and fun things w/dd2

2. we do school together: dd1 does spelling wkshts 10-15min while I do "school" w/dd2 then dd2 does special school time stuff (puzzles, coloring, stamps, versa pegs, tools for tots stuff, etc) while I do school w/dd1


#1 worked b/c they both got mommy's full attn but that means mommy is doing school for 2 hrs and not getting any cleaning done b4 ds wakes up :tongue_smilie:


#2 worked for awhile but now dd1 wants to do the fun stuff, not school (not a surprise) so now I am looking for option #3 :D


History, Bible, Science, Art, PE, and read-alouds are done together so there is no scheduling conflict :)

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I'm also watching this, as I will likely be dealing with a very similar situation next fall. My DD has informed me that she's coming home. I'd stand my ground and keep her in school except I know the jealousy and subsequent emotional fall-out would be horrid. She doesn't understand her brother's issues and why he's home; she just knows he gets to be home with Mama all day.


*grabs the popcorn*

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My DD has informed me that she's coming home.



Oh my gosh, sorry but this just cracks me up. :lol: Sylvia did the same thing to me - she just one day said she didn't want to go back to preschool. We would have been bringing her home anyway, so I figured what's an extra year and a half? ;)

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8am to 9am - Huck does independent reading. Tom does table work (reading, math, grammar and writing, spelling, sometimes latin)


9-10 Tom plays (outside or quietly with us). Huck does math, latin, grammar, writing and spelling)


10am- snack and both boys sit down for history and read aloud stories relating to history


11am science with both boys


12n lunch


12:30 our fun read aloud


Huck is very advanced in math and seems to absorb latin very rapidly. He's playing around with greek right now. So that's why we get so much accomplished in an hour. He's 4th grade.


Tom is in 1st in we're going slowly because he has a shorter attention span but still longer than most 6yos (IMHO).


Also, instead of typical schedules outlined in TWTM, I split history and science up into 4 days and do a bit a day. It works really well for us. I teach those subjects jointly but adapt to each age level.


HTH Don't worry! Once you get started it isn't so hard!

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