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Evaporated Milk -what do you use it for??

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So, just this instead of milk? And butter? No added water? I haven't made mashed potatoes in ages.


I boil enough peeled Yukon Gold potatoes for 6 people, drain, then squash with a potato masher, then add a little butter for extra flavor, some salt (or garlic salt), pepper, and a can (or slightly less, watching the consistency) of evap milk, and squash some more or whip fluffy with the mixer...oh, my!

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I love taking evap milk to the ski slopes along with hot cocoa packets and marshmallows and a microwaveable bowl. I use the resort's microwave to heat the milk and water for tasty hot cocoa -- much better and much cheaper than buying it there. Last year when I got a ton of evap milk for free, I used it all up making hot cocoa at home as well.

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Pies. Puddings, perhaps. Fudge. Indian milk-based sweets. Some people like it in mac and cheese that's baked in the oven because it doesn't break up/curdle.


OR you can just pump it full of sugar and use it as you planned to use the sweetened condensed milk. That's all sweetened condensed milk is.


The best make-your-own version is to mix 1 cup of evaporated milk with 1-1/4 cups of sugar in a saucepan, heat and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, and let cool.


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