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I suck at this.

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I agree, don't waste time whining. Read to him, let him pay with numbers naturally, run around with sticks outside, and let him be a child!


I see absolutely no point in making yourself or a little child crazy with wrongful expectations! You couldn't hold a small & eager child back from learning if you wanted to.


Well, you could. You could think the worst-- that he is lazy and/or out to get you. Yet you could also think the best-- that he is an eager, busy little boy who needs and benefits from moving and doing.

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(I read it before you deleted it) You said it was your first year. If you are not second guessing yourself, you're doing something wrong ;-). Hang in there - you will work out the kinks, you will find the flow. Your dc are young and they will absorb what you place in front of them; its inevitable.


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