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Solar light for chicken coop

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My chicken coop does not have electricity. The chickens need a couple more hours of daylight, than what natural sunlight provides.


Do you know where I can find a solar light, that is on a timer? I'd like for it to charge all day, and then come on when the timer tells it to come on. Like 5am. And then it could just stay on a couple hours.


I currently have a solar light out there, but it is problematic, because first of all the lights are way too dim, and second of all, the light comes on at dusk, when I'd prefer it come on early in the morning. And most lights like this just stay on way too long. I would like them to have some dark time.


Anyone know where I could buy a solar powered light on a timer? Or any other suggestions?



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Yeah, I did the Google search thing. I don't understand how the one at the link you gave works. I'd seen that link before. I'm hoping for something that I don't have to wire or rig up myself...User friendly you know. IF this one is like that, maybe I'm not understanding.

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I don't know either, but it sounds like a brilliant idea. I am going to rebuild a chicken coop and I'm considering lighting options. I wonder about a solar panel on top, as Harbor Freight has them and they aren't to terribly expensive. However, you don't want them in light all night so some type of timer would have to be installed.


I will ask dh about this. Years ago he rigged up some type of timer like this for our chickens...


I will try and remember to ask him!

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Guest CrestRenegade22

chicken coops are cool. just so everybody knows, it's fun to watch chickens have like a life of themselves, going in and out of the coop, having fun and playing. then put in a regulated and timed lighting system, and/or an automated door in the morning and the evening! that would be something else!

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