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Anyone here have rosacea? I'd love to hear what skincare products work for you, what foundation you use, and what sort of treatment.


Rosacea runs in my family, and I'm waiting for my derm appointment, but know that's what I have. I'm at the stage with lots of little pimples on my cheeks, rough skin, and of course the redness spreading across my nose and cheeks.


To make it more complicated, I have VERY oily skin, and I do still break out with regular acne pimples along my jaw and neck. So I can't use products with any tendency towards causing breakouts.


Recommendations? I currently use Bare Escentuals mineral powder foundation, and would love recommendations for face wash, moisturizers, any sort of treatments that would help with the rosacea.

Michelle T

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I have both rosacea and adult acne.


I use Plexion face wash, Plexion SCT for spot treatment/all over treatment for flares, Differin (for the acne), Duac or Benzaclin to heal lesions once they erupt.


I only use Neutrogena combination skin lotion. I haven't found any others (even expensive ones) that seem to keep my skin as clear while still giving it a little moisture. All sunscreens will break my face out with acne.


If I get a really rough spot I use a teensy bit of Lansinoh on it :).

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