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Homeschooling independently in Alaska

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I would like to hear from homeschoolers in Alaska who homeschool without being part of one of the programs that give you money for curriculum. At our homeschool meeting last night, the speaker (the state homeschool lobbiest) was warning against school-district offered virtual schools (which I realize is not hs.) I mentioned that maybe we should look at other states that have done this successfully (offered ps programs for those who want state money) and mentioned Alaska. She said that one of the state homeschooling group's board members would disagree - that he says that you cannot legally homeschool in Alaska anymore without joining one of the programs.


I checked HSLDA and according to that he is incorrect (and they still have a no-notification law!) How does this play out practically in Alaska? Are independent homeschoolers harassed or otherwise coerced into joining these programs?


I am just curious - I don't plan to debate this with her any further.

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Completely 100% false that you have to join anything to home school in Alaska. Alaska is the least restrictive/most supportive state in the country (meaning there are NO restrictions) and they offer a lot of help/state assistance if you *choose* to accept it.


You don't have to report, file anything, jump through any hoops, prove anything, etc. to home school legally in Alaska. I've home schooled independently and as part of a "correspondence school" in Alaska and both experiences were fantastic.

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