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Year long geography/state study?


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Has anyone done this? Would you do this? Why or why not?


I started the 4 yr cycle for history 1 year to early. So we will finish the rotation at the end of 3rd as it sits right now. I spoke to dh last night and we both tossed around the idea of taking 2nd grade off (from the history rotation) to study world geography and local history. I have a few reasons for thinking this may work for my dd.


*I dont want to get so ahead in history that concepts and what not start to get confusing. History is dd fav subject and I want to keep it that way.


*My dc ask a lot of questions already regarding geography, especially locally. I dont want to make this a special unit we cover later and because there are so many neat things to learn I dont want to make it just a thing we talk about when it comes up.


*Our state history is pretty interesting and while I know we can cover this later (and that it is reccommended to do so), there are a lot of activities geared to the younger ages available that might not hold the same interest later on.


If you have done this in the grammar stage what resources did you use? Any recommendations?

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Sounds like a nice idea to me!


Gallopping the Globe is a nice resource for that age. We also really like the Children Just Like Me book. Sonlight Cores 1 & 2 have a lot of nice resources, so you might want to persuse their book lists for good ideas. (The Cores are intended as a Intro to World History but some of the books are quite general and could be used for more of a geography or cultures study.

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Our situation is a little different than yours since we have not started the history cycle yet, but we will be doing a year-long geography study next year. This will be a world geography study, not focusing on our state. This will be combined with a biome/animal study for science. I'm not sure exactly what we will be using for this yet. I would imagine we'll end up using many differnet resources.

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My plan for K is to introduce world geography through stories and then go into US geography, (then US history and then ancients and the 4 year history cycle after that).


I got some passports and flag stickers for all of the countries and states from Rainbow Resource. I'm using Galloping The Globe as a starting point, it has maps and flags to copy and color, some general info, and a nice list of library books.


I'm adding other books used by Sonlight, MFW ECC, FIAR, and HSS, too. I just bought The Complete Book Of Animals, an atlas, and Wild Places and they look great! My library has Janice Vancleave's Science Around The World, Global Art, and other multicultural craft books to go along with each country. I might buy Around The World In 80 Tales as well. I got Children Just Like Me from the library and my ds wasn't so into it, although I thought it was great...maybe later on, he's way more into animals at this point.


Here's an awesome blog from a mom using GTG:



Here's the FIAR/HSS geography book list:


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Christian Cottage unit studies volume 2 "For God So Loved The World" is set up for 4 different age groups and is alot of fun. It not only has maps and flags but a country form for each country for each age group that the dc fills out with info they learn about that country. The one for younger students has paper doll pictures at the bottom and clothes for the countries your dc can color and glue on. It also includes all sorts of activities and recipes, everything from a Chinese buffet to making a silk scarf to origami even some print our board games and things. My son really enjoyed this.

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