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S/O: I praised my child today for. . .

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I praised my dd7 today for coming to me and confessing that the big scratch across her lip was from the cat. (I knew this but she had lied about it previously). We've been talking about how God gives us an "indicator" (our conscience) that tells us when we've done something wrong. She told me that she was feeling a prickly feeling about not having told me the truth.


My (definitely not over-the-top praise) was to say - "I'm happy that you chose to listen to your conscience and to tell me the truth."


What have you praised your child/ren for today?

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I recently read an article regarding praise, and that we should praise specifically and for effort, instead of innate talent. So, I've been looking for specific things to praise and trying to avoid, "you're so smart" kind of praises. Today my oldest dd (10) made up her own time schedule to finish all her work on time today. I praised her for being proactive about her time management. (This is in response to yesterday when her work wasn't done on time, and she was up until 9PM finishing her history assignment.)

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I praised the 8yo for starting a loaf of bread to go with dinner tonight. She's making a red sauce tonight and started a loaf of bread to go with it. I praised her for thinking ahead and planning out the meal.


I praised the younger for sharing her homemade dipping dots with her sister and for cleaning up a mess that she didn't make.

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I praised my 7yo son for being industrious and picking up his room without my having to remind him.


I praised my 10yo daughter for having a positive attitude even though she was disappointed about something (I knew she had to really work hard to drum up that positive spirit).


I praised my husband for bringing me a Diet Dr. Pepper but that is because I'm flagrantly attempting to manipulate his future behavior. :lol:

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