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ack! I stepped on the scale thinking I was going to see a huge loss

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ya know, since I've not had much to eat for the past 3 weeks due to pain & nausea. Don't forget the ovaries and that 7+ cm cycst--it had to weigh something at least in ounces.


Nope, I've gained 2 pounds.


I'm bummed. I was thinking that a nice weight loss was going to be my "silver lining" in this whole adventure.


what'sup with that, huh?!


And here I was thinking fondly of food for the first time tonight -- ymmmm, doritos (in my best Homer Simpson voice).

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It could be water retention. Unfortunately, the loss of opportunities for exercising could have more than made up for the lost calories and ovaries. :eek:


Incidentally, it's good to have you back! I figured you were carted in for surgery when you didn't post.

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Don't be discouraged. You can't forget that meds may cause weight gain as well. And of course, old faithful, your "friend" may be visiting soon. KWIM? I'm either about to menstruate or I must have residual retention! LOL! If you are tracking your weight, make sure you try to weigh at the same time every day. If your like me, every pound counts. I weigh every AM, same time. Hope you feel better soon!

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I recently had surgery and, like you, hadn't eaten anything for weeks. About 1 week after the surgery, I was shocked and dismayed to note that the scale had moved up *eight* pounds!! :eek: After another week, I had lost that plus a couple more. My doctor said the temporary gain was probably a combination of pain medication, fluids given in the hospital, and...um, I forget the other one (fluid retention from swelling, maybe?).


Anyway, I just wanted to give you my experience in the hope that it might encourage you. Hopefully, in another week or so you will find that you really did lose a few.



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