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Being away from the kids has helped me consider what it really important.

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When I get home, I'm going to snuggle and cuddle and breathe them in. I'm going to tickle them and play tag in the front yard. I'm going to read to them in front of the fireplace with popcorn and hot chocolate. I'm going to go for walks, and runs, and bike rides ... and laugh. I'm going to fix food they LOVE - Prairie Corn Chowder, Black Bean Soup, homemade pizza, quiche, apple pie, pound cake. I'm going to welcome them into the kitchen to help. I'm going to check my email once in the morning and once in the evening and LIMIT my online time so that REAL LIFE can happen, unabated. I'm going to stop feeling like I've got to research EVERY decision to the nth degree, and just enjoy this life God's given me. I'm going to fiercely guard this call that God's given me as wife AND mom while not forgetting that I'm more than wife and mom and so nurture the relationships I have beyond our home, with limits. I'm just going to swim in their presence, and pray that I don't forget ...


...what life's been without them as we pursue dear "K" and work to add her to our fold.

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I'm glad you posted this. It's been my focus, too. I've been distracted with REAL LIFE issues and it's caused a huge regression in my adopted daughter. I'm happy to report that things have been going wonderfully for a few weeks now. I truly believe she was acting out because I was distracted for so long, and then completely and totally burnt out. I think she took this as personal rejection. We just prayed and cried together this morning and I told her I was sorry that I was busy for so long taking care of Nana. She said she understood I was stressed. She's only 6.5


I pray for a wonderful transition for your family. I read over and over that when you bring the child home, try to keep the atmosphere calm and peaceful and not allow visitors at first. Just have her focus on family, not on anyone else. You are wise to see up front that you need to limit what consumes you outside the house. It doesn't have to be forever, but it's SO important for quite awhile.


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Thanks "mama" and Denise. Your words are really encouraging me in this almost fierce sense of protectiveness I feel over our "family" for what is now and undefined period of time. I really do sense these first months of togetherness will be vital in her developing connectedness and attachment to us all. Thanks for the affirmation! I see that in the future, but next week, I am looking forward to just breathing in the six who I have been missing.

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