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I am so relieved...

Nan in Mass

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I just exchanged emails with our CC and they've offered to look at our math, help me figure out what else I need to cover before CC pre-calc, how far my son will need to get through their calc classes to make him appealing to engineering schools, and how to mix it all with peacewalking (which interferes with some spring semesters) and whatever CC science he needs. I could really use some help with this, so I'm very grateful. They said he was welcome to take the classes, too. (It isn't like he'll be very young when he goes.) They have a pre-engineering program and an engineering transfer program (neither of which I want to do because we're in no hurry here) so presumably they know what they are doing. He's not advanced enough to do the engineering transfer AND lots of other projects of his own.


I've been really worried about challenging him and getting him into an interesting engineering school (if he still wants to go) and hitting the right balance of academics and non-academics, structure and non-structure, skills and content, and all those other tricky half-way things. This solves some of those problems. And our school day seems to be working this year. I discovered that he thinks he is being challenged when he vigorously and eloquently defended his right to play an hour of computer games every day LOL.


Phew! My panic has subsided for the time being. Thank you everyone for helping me with this earlier this fall...


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