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Alternatives to R&S???

Sherri in MI

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We used FLL for 1st & 2nd and R&S ever since. Dh is naturally good with words verbally, is a gifted reader and has an excellent oral vocabulary and good comprehension. I like the way R&S teaches incrementally and the daily reviews, but it is becoming sooooo boring for both of us. I like that it is so thorough, but it is also tedious. I like that it includes diagramming. Ds does catch on quickly, but does need review for retention. I also like that it is very affordable compared to others. We have no money right now.


The farm and nature themes and content were charming at first, but now they are just boring.


Any suggestions?



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What grade?


I am planning on taking a year off of R&S with my then 8th grader next year and she'll do a year of Literary Lessons - LOTR.


This year for my 4th & 6th graders, they do R&S but they are also using IEW for writing. It seems to me that if you do R&S year after year, it goes really fast (maybe 1 hour a week or so most weeks?! Occasionally 2 hours?) as it is quite familiar. So, I keep at it but we add writing to it each year.


FWIW, it seems to me to work fine to skip a year of R&S here or there. So, for instance, you could do R&S 4 over 2 years (as my ds10 has been doing) and then go straight to R&S 6 (as he will!). . . I did that with dd12 and it seems completely smooth. I guess if you took an entire year off grammar, it may be a bit more bumpy, but I think with R&S you could do it. I plan for dd12 to do LOTR over 18-24 mos and then come back and do one more level of R&S (7) around 9th grade. I'm not for sure what we'll do after that, but I expect that after R&S7, I think she'll have had plenty of grammar and we'll concentrate on literature and writing. . .

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