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dd was just diagnosed gluten intolerant

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My 14 year old dd just got diagnosed with gluten intolerance. She is upset but we are hopeful that going off of gluten will cure her of many of the problems she has been having. Now it's time for me to get busy with research. I'm going to look at a few of the websites that were previously posted here. In the meantime can someone tell me a typical day's diet. So far most of the gluten free food that we have tried is not very tasty. We are trying gluten free noodles with lunch. With Halloween coming up I'm wondering if she can have candy-especially chocolate. Does anyone know of a website where I can input an ingredient and find if it has gluten in it? There are so many items on labels that I have no clue what they are. Any other suggestions? Any would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm gluten intolerant and it was very hard at first. I have found some good cookbooks from the library and some good brands of prepared foods.


Any cookbook by Bette Hagman is good. Very simple, good food. There are lots more. I have one called You Won't Believe it's Gluten Free. That's been good, too.


Pamela's Baking Mixes are good. Tinkyada pasta is tasty. Glutino has good crackers that taste "real". Those are the ones I've enjoyed the most. I get those mostly at Whole Foods.


Celiac.com has a great forum for your questions. They also have a gluten free mall you can order from.


I found a website that has a list of normal foods from the grocery store that are gluten free. I can't remember the site, but you could google it. Some things on it are fritos and rice chex. Utz brand tortillas chips are GF.


It's a tough transition, but gets much easier over time. Once you get through mourning the loss of gluten-containing foods, it's better.


Be especially careful of cross contamination. I can't use the same butter or toaster or many pots and pans that the rest of my family uses. Everything has to be separate. I keep separate peanut butter, jelly, mayo, etc. Anything that you dip into is possible to contaminate with gluten. I even have separate chips because if someone makes a sandwich with regular bread and then reaches into the chip bag, it gets gluten in it. I react to the tiniest amount. Hopefully your daughter won't, but you can't be too careful.


I hope your daughter feels better soon!


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I just noticed some of your questions. Some candy is ok, but watch for barley malt. Reese cups are fine, hershey choc. bars (singles) are fine. I google any food I'm wondering about. I also google restaurants before-hand to see if they have GF menu options. Outback is great about that.


I'm going to post the list of OK foods here, but it's very long. Sorry about that, but I carried this around in my purse for the longest time! It was so helpful!





Act II microwave popcorn (all)



Potato Chips (some flavor with wheat)

Lays Stax


All vegetables- keep a relish tray and salad dressing for dipping. Kraft states on the label if it has wheat. Many say gluten-free now.


Skippy Peanut Butter

Jiff Peanut Butter

Smucker’s Jams Jellies, Marmalades, Preserves

Hershey’s chocolate Syrup

Icecream check labels for mono and di-glycerides

Bryers’ All Natural Ice Cream


Fresh fruit (all)

Dole dried fruit

Apple sauce (Musslemans & most brands)

Del Monte Canned/jarred fruits

Minute Maid Fruit Drinks


Tortilla corn chips (most-but check label!) Pace Picante Sauce and Salsa (check label on salsas for wheat, some say GF)


Nut Thins by Blue Diamond (Wild oats)

Brown Rice Snaps (Edward & Sons brand)

Mydel Cookies (gluten free type)

EnerG Crackers & Pretzels (at Martha’s)

Johnsonville Sausage Beef Snack Stix

Many candies: Check the label for malt, wheat starch, modified food starch (wheat),



Hunt’s Snack Pack Puddings (all)

Jello Puddings & Gelatin

Butterfingers and Baby Ruth

Almond Joy

Jelly Bellys (not buttered toast)

Campfire marshmallows

Tootsie Rolls


Guittard chocolates

M&M’s not crispy

Kelloggs Fruit Snacks (many other brands are GF)


Eggs – boiled good snack


Rice Chex (General Mills)

Health Valley Corn & Rice Crunch-Ums

Fruity Pebbles (watch for malt)

Nabisco Cream of Rice (bland)

Trix-Cocoa Pebbles, (check label)



Cheddar Cheese(s) (check label)

Viva Cottage Cheese

Velveeta Cheese

Viva Cottage Cheese

Philadelphia Cream Cheese


Butter Buds



Delimex Taquitos

Tyson Chicken Tenders

Hormel Bacon Bits and Pieces

Hillshire Farm Bacon

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage (except Fresh Beerwurst & Cheddarwurst)

Little Sizzlers Sausage Links & Patties

Always Tender Homestyle Potroast & Peppercorn Pot Roast

Cure 81 Ham (bone-in, boneless, & old-fashioned spiral)


Starkist Tuna (except Lunch-to-Go kits)

Kids Kitchen Bean and Wienies

Ortega Refried Beans

Dinty Moore Beef Stew

Progresso Cream of Mushroom Soup

Hunts Spagetti Sauce

Prego Traditional Pasta Sauce

Zatarains Dirty Rice or Jambalaya

Butterball Turkey

Hormel Pepperoni & Canadian Bacon

Hormel Vienna Sausage

Hormel Canned Chuck Meats

Hormel Fully Cooked Entrees Beef Roast

Au Jus & Pork Au Jus only

Boars’ Head Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast

Oscar Meyer Lunch meats (all hot dogs)

Ball Park Hot Dogs (except corn dogs)

Jennie-O Turkey Breast

Jennie-O Turkey (for Thanksgiving)

Thai Kitchen Stir-Fry noodles w/Sauce

(original Pad Thai, w/ chili and Thai Peanut

Hormel Tamales (Beef & Chicken)

Hormel Chili with Beans (not meat only)

Bush’s Baked Beans

(Except Chili Beans & Chili Magics)

Campbells Healthy Request RTC

(RTC Hearty country vegetable)


Fresh vegetables (all)

Giant Food frozen broccoli in cheese sauce


Del Monte canned tomatoes & tomato products (except spaghetti sauce flavored with meat. AVOID TVP or HYDROLIZED VEGETABLE PROTEIN on the LABEL)


Wendy’s chili, baked potato and frosty

McDonald’s French Fries (s/b dedicated fryer, but is too complicated legally to certify as GF, so I eat them anyway.)


DO NOT GO TO APPLEBYS (Many franchises inject meat with wheat.)


Mrs. Dash

Pace Enchilada Sauce

Walmart Great Value Red Sauce (see label)

Heintz Ketchup

Heintz EZ Marinader Teriyaki

Herb-Ox bouillion (beef, chicken, vegetable)

Swanson vegetable broth

Cattleman’s Barbecue Sauces

Miracle Whip

Hellman’s Mayonaise (Best Foods)

Valasic Pickles

French’s mustard

Hellman’s Tarter Sauce

French’s Worchestershire Sauce

Hellman’s dipping sauce

McCormick extracts & some packet mixes

Trappey’s Hot Sauces (all)


Carnation instant breakfast

(except Classic Chocolate Malt)

Cremora Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers

Folgers Coffee (all)

Carnation Hot Cocoa

Juicy Juice


Nestea Ice Tea

Stephens Gourmet Hot Cocoa (at Target)

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Here are a few things that have worked for us but my kids are much younger than 14.


We all eat Tinkyada pastas. Cook them for 20 minutes and rinse really really well. It is the only pasta my kids can stand and they love it. This was the biggest help when we started gluten free.


My favorite cook book ever is The Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism cookbook by Pamela J. Compart. It has amazing recipies for the whole family and is easy to use. I love their shephards pie recipe and


We use Udi's breads and pizza crust when I am to lazy to make them on my own.


Love Enviro Kids products.


They eat a lot of chicken and rice and stir-frys.

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Here are some of my staples:


Breakfast - hot rice cereal, cream of buckwheat, eggs and bacon, cornflakes, rice puffs, biscuits made from gluten-free baking mix, yogurt and fruit.


Lunch - lunch meat and cheese rolled in corn tortillas, quesadilla made with corn tortillas, salad, veggies and rice, protein-style sandwich (meat and cheese wrapped up in lettuce leaves), baked potato with toppings, gluten free bread spread with nut butter.


Dinner - grilled meat and veggies, salads, soups, beans, chili, stir fry (we use gluten-free soy sauce, regular soy sauce has wheat)if we need a grain or carb I will usually have sweet potatoes, potatoes, quinoa or rice pasta, rice noodles, or rice.


Most of the gluten free breads I have tried don't make for a good sandwich but they taste fine toasted.


There is a lot of chocolate out there that is gluten-free. Also, a good assortment of ice creams are ok, and you can find gluten-free brownie mix out there that isn't too bad. Other snack foods are rice krispy treats (maybe, you'll have to check the ingredients but they can easily be made gluten free), most tortilla chips and potato chips. There are snack bars called Lara bars that are great, they have 20 or so different varieties and are gluten free.


If you have a whole foods near you you can splurge on some great gluten-free stuff: They sell gluten-free premade pizza crust or you can order a whole gluten-free pizza. They also have a freezer section that sells ready-made gluten-free desserts. I bought an apple pie once that was quite good.


Good luck, I am a couple months into it and the only hard part is eating out, but even that is getting easier as I figure out what I can/can't have and which restaurants have a good selection.


So glad you figured out what the problem was!! Hope things get better from here on out. :grouphug:

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check all your local stores for gluten free stuff. some stores have lists or sections.


We like Enjoy Life products. It's expensive but the cookies are good...we like them all.


I use Bob's Mill for brownie mix(better than trader joe's!), pancake mix, and now the bread mix. I found making mini loaves gave it a better/fluffy consistency compared to a normal loaf pan. so our sandwiches are small and the hungry ones eat two, but it tastes GOOD.


Honey Nut Chex is gluten free and our favorite daily cereal.


Pasta has been hit or miss.


BioNature penne noodles are good.


Quinoa has been good all the time. so far our regular pasta. It's a green box.


the tinkytinka whatever was ok but the others beat it out among taste for our family.


the Kinnikinnick brand out of Canada has had some good things. DONUTS. the cinnamon ones you heat in the microwave and they are decent. cake like with tons of sugar on them. the frozen sandwich bread is okay toasted with jelly. but eat it right away.


that is what comes to mind right away. I have a flat bread recipe I used to make weekly but the Bob's mill bread is more bread like so I don't make the flat bread often. But it's a nice bread(especially with rosemary on top) that is good to serve to family.


OHHH, my newest sweet favorite is Namaste brand. When two of their products didn't come out good I emailed and they replaced them for free and sent coupons. I got them to work out and they are wonderful! Chocolate cake, spice cake. They have a flour too but I haven't played with it much.



Gluten free at times can be very restrictive..especially eating out...but start printing out allergy guides from all the places she likes and make lists of things she can have and keep it in the car so she is prepared. there are several celiac/gluten forums that I often search for restaurant info.


I feel so good now that I am gluten free. the family joined me for a bit but now they only do some things with me and all our meals are gluten free. but there is some cereal and snack food items in the house I can't have.


Once my stomach healed I found I could have a gluten meal without too much trouble. I am figuring out sushi doesn't get me too bad but instant potatoes did???


I recently had gluten free gravy but it upset my tummy.


Hit the heathiest food store you can find. they will have more brands.


Oh, Enjoy Life has wonderful chocolate bars. My family fights over them.

PM me if you want the flat bread recipe.

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Any of the books by Dana Korn are excellent resources.


One thing to remember is that you do have to mourn the lose of gluten foods. It was explained in one of the books I read after my dd was diagnosed with celiac disease.


As far as foods go, you sometimes will buy something GF that you think will be sooo great, only to find out it is totally disgusting.


One of the best places we have found for consistently good GF foods is at Whole Foods. They have a GF bakehouse where they make all kinds of yummy GF stuff like bread, pie, and cookies. The foods are frozen and shipped to their stores. So be sure to check the freezer section.


Oh, and all GF baked goods should be kept in the fridge or freezer. They don't have preservatives (a good thing in many ways), so they will get stale and moldy with a quickness.


My 6yo dd has been on a GF diet for nearly 5 years. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions. I read all I can on CD/GF diet and don't mind helping.

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We're not gluten free but are dairy free so I know it can be tough to give up foods you enjoy.


I just popped in to say that Red Robin has allergen menus covering the 8 most highly allergic foods. You just let them know when you arrive or are seated and the manager will print it up and bring it out. They can't guarantee there won't be cross contamination but if she can tolerate that possibility, it's an option for eating out. I know that still having the option to go out to eat sometimes, helps me.


Here's a whole website dedicated to Gluten Free restaurants.


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I'm glad you have an answer and pray that your dd is feeling well soon.


:iagree: I actually think that's wonderful news. Maybe you're finally onto a solution for your poor DD! You know, a friend of ours was recently diagnosed with celiac that just never presented "properly" as celiac was expected to, and she'd been suffering for years. It affected her emotions and mental state and her ability to get pregnant. She'd been kind of a hypochondriac and "high strung" for a long time, and when she was finally diagnosed, all I could think was, how many years had the intolerances been affecting her mind and body, but no one could quite put their finger on them, and she was just suffering with all the side effects as her "normal"?


I've been thinking a lot about your DD the past few days, actually. I really hope this can make a difference in her quality of life.

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I subscribe to the 6 o'clock Scramble, which is a dinner planning service. One of the nice features is that the "search" function in the recipe database includes gluten-free and dairy-free as options. I bought a 3-month subscription of The Scramble for a friend across the country who had just had a baby, and whose dh had recently been diagnosed with Celiac. She loved it so much, that she has since renewed her subscription. Might be something worth looking into. :)

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And it's not bad idea to eat very simply without any substitutes for gluten items for a couple of months. You do have to readjust your taste buds from wheat based to non wheat based. Our typical is eggs/bacon , hot dog or corn wrap meat item for lunch, plain meat with veggie side for dinner. Our little girl was on death's door, so we started highly strict and remained that way for a long time before adding in other things.


Watch out for barley and for MALT. Those contain gluten too.


And don't get discourage if you don't see many results at first. Sometimes it takes a long time like months of very dedicated diet and strictness to begin to heal and show progress.


Watch out for cross contamination. If you treat it like a peanut allergy, you'll eliminate many areas that trip people up. Like using a wood spoon to stir soup with and then using that same spoon to stir her food with. Using the same strainer for wheat pasta and gluten free pasta. IF you are not all going gluten free, then she needs her own kitchen area with her own kitchen gear - toaster oven, cooking utensils, pans, pots, the basics. Crumbs can and do hide and show up later in the worst of places. Her food should always be prepared first while the kitchen is clean and before gluten prep is done. OH!! and watch out for mixers. Mixers just blow wheat everywhere and is often sucked up into the mixer vents that then blow back out the next time. Crazy stuff but all stuff that can make a difference depending on her reactions. Can openers get a lot of people as do knives (check where the knife enters the handle - You'll be amazed at what you find in there :tongue_smilie:)


It's an adjustment but it's worth it. I lived on the celiac forums for months. If she has a favorite she is missing, they can help you find a sub for it. If she doesn't seem to be improving, they can help you ferret out why (for us it was play dough used in a class before hers)


Good luck!!! The benefits have been well worth figuring this diet out.

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Thanks for the great replies so far. Does anyone have a good website where I can search to see if a particular food is gluten free? I think that is the part that is overwhelming me. I know to watch out for wheat but it's those other ingredients that I can't pronounce that I'm worried about.

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Thanks for the great replies so far. Does anyone have a good website where I can search to see if a particular food is gluten free? I think that is the part that is overwhelming me. I know to watch out for wheat but it's those other ingredients that I can't pronounce that I'm worried about.



If there is a particular food you are searching for information about, check that brand's website. They will usually tell you specifically whether their food has gluten. Any generic list you find on a website is almost always outdated, since ingredients change often.


Specifically avoid wheat, barley, malt, oats (except those certified gluten-free). Though all oats are theoretically gluten-free and many gluten intolerant people can have them, there is a risk of cross-contamination in the processing/growing phase.

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