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Help me think through either fixing or selling my car

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I have a 2003 Accord with 105,000 miles on it.


It has had a few issues over the years but nothing substantial. I just hasn't lived up to the Honda expectations (my first lasted 10yrs, 200,000miles with only basic maintenance).


Right now


I need tires

I need a new wind shield (insurance will cover it)

I need new windshield wiper arms-the whole shebang not just the blades. An ice storm bent the arms and now they slam around the windshield.

I am having electrical issues. Both my headlights went out at exactly the same time last weekend, I replaced them and then 2 days later my dash lights and gauges went out.

I was in an accident a few years ago, and ever since if I drive in a deep puddle, I get a bit of water in the back floor board. I can't prove it is from the accident.

I burn a quart of oil a month. The cursory "most likely cause, without a full diagnostic" estimate is $1,000 to repair the engine.


So, with all this I am looking at at least a $2,000 bill. The car is in good condition otherwise. I like it and it is comfortable for the family. The money is in savings so it isn't a hardship to pay for the repairs.


If I trade it in, I figure I may get $5,000 for it, maybe less due to the problems :(. I don't want to sell it private party due to the problems.



So, while it makes since to get rid of my little lemon I also like the fact that it is paid off and Really don't want another payment. To buy a new car, I know I am getting into a couple of years of payments, not just $2,000. If I knew that the problems were going to stop, I wouldn't mind repairing it, but I am worried that it is just going to keep on having issues.



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A 2003 isn't really THAT old....especially for a Honda....BUT....if you are burning 1 quart of oil a month....well....that sounds like trouble. And with the electrical issues.....I think I would get rid of it.


I think with a car....reliability is the number one thing for me.....I don't want to get stranded somewhere....(that is why I bought a Toyota, LOL)....so I would be afraid of getting stranded if I had your car, LOL.



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My dh and I just put $2300 into a 96 Toyota Camary with 230,000 miles on it and then spent another $800 shipping it across country. It was the car our daughter was driving and we knew she would need a car for work and school once we moved. We bought it from a dealer with only 17,000 miles on it. It was used by their sales people. Anyway, we always did the maintance and knew what we had. I had a frank discussion with the head service person and asked their opinion. He felt it could get another 40-50 thousand miles. So far, we haven't had any problems with it. We probably could have bought something for the money we put into it but I wasn't willing to buy someone else's problem. I would put the money into it if you feel comfortable with your service center and it would get another 50-75 thousand miles on it. You know what you have, its paid off and its cheaper then buying a new car. We also have had two Hondas and the first had 185,00 miles on it when we sold it (received $2000) and 160,000 miles on the other when we sold that one (received $2500). I probably would have driven both a while longer but my husband gets worried about me getting stranded. I currently drive a Honda Accord with 115,000 miles on it. I will drive this one until it dies.

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I had an Odyssey with 105K miles on it and it also started having major issues with the transmission. I'm very disappointed in Honda's quality and I wouldn't buy another. I paid a premium for that minivan and it didn't turn out to be worth it. This time I went with a Hyundai for the 100K miles powertrain warranty.


Okay, my personal little rant is over! Based on my experience with my Honda, I'd dump the Accord before you have a worse mechanical problem. You'll still get something for the trade-in, if it stops going, you won't. I would fix the windshield if your insurance will pay, because that will boost it's trade in value.

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