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thoughts on Abecedarian - need suggestion/advice

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i have my 1st grader in ETC, PhonicsPathways, FLL1, and WWE1. he's nearly finished with PP and completed both grades K and 1 of Phonics Museum. he's in level 5 of ETC.

we do spelling in the way of the "the Natural Speller," using the word lists there or just words from his ETC lesson or from our biology studies. it's very lowkey, but he enjoys it. he does Bible verse copywork in addition to that required in FLL and WWE, and completed the HWOT books last year and this past summer.

..... having those pieces of the puzzle, here's the next piece:

i'm wondering about the possibility of switching him over the to the Abecedarian company program. i'm assuming he'd be in Level C.

what are the advantages or disadvantages? he's reading at a 2nd-3rd grade level and really really loves words/books/the written word. i'm unsure as to whether the ETC and Phonics Pathways are the strongest (read: highest retention of phonic rules) approach ..... would like something a bit more integrated and less busy-workish, i *think*. some days i like the ETC as a busywork option while i work with the youngers.


am also thinking of using the Abecedarian level A with my prek/k'er. she's starting to really yearn for phonics instruction. i don't feel phonics museum would be a good fit for her .... but if others feel it's a superior approach will go through the motions of doing it :) i didn't love the readers ....

if i switch one, i thought it'd be just as easy to switch both kidddos.



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I have not used Abecedarian Level C so I don't have much to comment on that level. I have the student book (bought it used). I think it looks good. It is a lot of root words, prefix, and suffix work.


I have used Abecedarian A-1 and plan on using A-2. Abecedarian has been the first phonics program that really helped my son. My son is really smart, but struggling with reading. Abecedarian works at a pace that is really nice for him. It works on breaking CVC words down into individual letters. Then blending CVC words. You work at a pace of three CVC words a week. Three CVC words a week would have drove my dd crazy (she learned to read much quicker), but it is the perfect amount for my son. He also does much better with only the bottom line for writing and not the regular dotted handwriting lines. He is still working on fine muscle control.



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