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Anyone used Words Their Way for Spelling?


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A friend told me about this book: Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction (2nd Edition). Has anyone used it and can give me thier opinion of it? It sounds interesting but I'm not sure how it is used or what it is like. I'd love to know what others thought of it and if the one book is all you need to implement the program.



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I use it with both my kids, to reinforce phonics and spelling. I would probably not use it as my sole spelling program, but you could if you wanted. The edition I bought came with a CD for the computer which had the word sorts and phonics games that you could print out. I found these to be very useful and fun. My kids love doing the sorts and playing the games. I'v even made up some of my own games based on their concepts. The word sorts especially help with recognizing that certain letter combos have more than one sound, like ow, for instance. You can have them sort words like sow, cow, now and distinguish them from row, blow, tow, etc.

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