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?? a deposit due in mid NOVEMBER to hold a place???


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This wasn't Early Admissions, but Ferris U in Michigan sent a "apply now for free and we will let you know within two weeks" email. College looked like a good back-up (Honors program, etc). and ds applied.


Got accepted today. BUT - also was informed he had to send a $150 deposit to hold his place by mid-Nov!!! What the ????? I thought May 1st was the traditional deadline (except for binding Early Admissions - which this was NOT).


Is this something new? DS hasn't even finished all the Common App. to his six fav. colleges (also places that are less likely to accept him or offer $$, being private places like Vanderbilt, etc. but you never know until you try, right?).


I told ds to look at the website etc. and decide if this is worth holding onto as a good, cheap back-up school.


OK - panic attack over - in small print it says elsewhere that he can call a phone number to ASK to wait until May 1 to make the deposit. He will do so, as they do not even hold the interviews/essays for the Honors program until late Feb.!

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I'm glad you found that fine print!


A similar topic has come up before. Copying here what I wrote once before:


Here's a link to a pdf from NACAC which is the National Association for College Admission Counseling. If the college belongs to this organization, they are required to adhere to these standards and allow the student until May 1 to reply to such an offer.


I learned this from AdmissionsAdvice.com a blog that is hosted by Carolyn Z. Lawrence who posts on college admission issues. I recommend the blog; there is plenty of food for thought there.




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I remember back in about 1980 USC accepted me as a transfer student BUT would not say if I was accepted in my major (film) - I kept calling and being told "That decision has not been made yet." So right before the deadline I sent in my $50 check. Two days later I called again and was told "Oh, no - we only accepted three transfer students into that major and they were notified a month ago."


So I put a stop payment on the check (I wasn't going to USC if not in my major).


USC, although I wrote that I would NOT be attending, kept dunning me for the $50. They stopped after I wrote a scathing letter detailing how I felt they had deliberately mislead me until after the deadline day.


My mom, secretary to the president of Chapman College at the time, told me many colleges factor into their budget deposits from kids who pay up then end up not attending.


I just wonder if Ferris is also hoping to get some nonrefundable deposit money from kids who will not end up attending. My kid may well end up at Ferris (who knows? 9 more schools to hear from) BUT he won't amke any deposit anywhere until May 1 (thanks, Kareni!!!)

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Let us know what happens! Are you going to send the $300 anyway?


No - am not going to tie up $300 ANYWHERE before learning about honors programs, scholarships...I mean, ds hasn't finished the applications for two colleges and he is supposed to start writing checks NOW??? He did not apply Early Admissions!!!

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