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I need ideas for Music/Art Appreciation and Music Theory

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Since they often have them on sale. The music history one we listened to one year worked very well on audio. Though if I were doing an art course I'd probably want dvds. I have a half credit music course that I got from Oak Meadow that is a high school course designed for the student to do independently. It is called the Study of Music and uses the text, "Music: An Appreciation" by Robert Kamien. The text was the most expensive part of the course, followed by the cost of the accomanying cds. The syllabus itself was only $25 (it does not include the answers) but schedules everything out with 18 lessons, each broken down into smaller parts that can be scheduled as desired. None of those are specifically Christian but they are the options I have found that I like best so far so that's what I'm recommending. Of them all, I'd say the Teaching Company lectures would be the easiest for a student who just needs to get the credit but doesn't want to really work at it. Unless you had your student write papers, take tests, or add something to it on your own.

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Music theory -- I am teaching a 1/2 credit high school music theory class using The Complete Elementary Rudiments by Mark Sarnecki. We love the workbook! Sheet Music Plus has the best selection of music theory books around if you want to look at other music theory text options.


The most basic and standard American music theory book, though I think it is weak for high school, is Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory. A relatively non-musical kid could probably fly through it in a semester.


Music History / Appreciation -- I want to second the recommendation for the teaching company's music history course. We listened to our library's copy two years ago and are planning on listening to it again this spring. Great course!

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My son is required to have a full year credit of fine arts. He is not interested in playing an instrument or being in drama so I am looking for music/art appreciation and music theory ideas. I would prefer a Christian perspective, but I will consider others.






David Quine has some Christian art & music studies.


Your library may have the Teaching Company series, How to Listen to and Understand Great Music.


The CDs from the series "The Story of X in Words and Music" give biographies & excerpts for individual composers.


The CDs from the series "The Instruments of Classical Music: (Harpsichord, Trumpet, and so forth)" allow kids to get into music featuring their favorite instrument.


Beautiful Feet now has a classical music study.


There's a guy who sells on vegsource's homeschool boards who has a Christian unit study called A Chronological History of Music

and its Composers.


Barry Stebbing has some serious art appreciation mixed into his art lessons, such as God and the History of Art. His materials are of course Christian.



There are probably more things out there that I could think of. My dd did do a musical instrument, but I was always looking for studies to fill out the credits.

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I am going to second the David Quine resources! Great art/ music history and appreciation!

(I found just the books on Amazon and am looking up the art pictures online....and Rainbow has a cd with the 3 selections for music along with the music masters cds!.....about $9 for each book for years of study!!)

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