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Tweaking our TOG schedule

Pretty in Pink

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I'm contemplating some tweaks to our TOG schedule (for ds11, Yr 2 Unit 3, Dialect):


Monday: Read and outline the History: Core assignment.


Tuesday: Read the History: In Depth assignment.


Wednesday: Read and summarize/report on the Literature assignment.


Thursday: Complete Geography assignments in SAPs. Oral review (Accountability Questions). Prepare a written response to one assigned Thinking Question.


Friday: Share written response to Thinking Question followed by Socratic discussion. Read Fine Arts/Activities assignment.


With this schedule, we would drop the weekly Lit. worksheet in favor of a written summary or report.


We would continue the read-aloud books in the evenings before bed, and we would also do any Church History/Worldview reading aloud during the week.


Now that I've got it all typed out it doesn't really seem that I'm departing much from my old schedule. I'd like to add a timeline to the schedule on Thursday; maybe swap Geography to Tuesday and History: In Depth to Thursday...



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My first thought is that some weeks, the amount of reading for your Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday could be very heavy on one or two days and very light on another. It makes it tough to schedule other subjects and outside activities unless you have a general idea of reading load. I know when my D dd has had a ton of reading on one day, she not only doesn't absorb as much but also doesn't get everything else in that day. For us, we tend to take all of the history and lit reading and spread it out according to what we have on the calendar for the week. Since general co-op is Mon AM, virtual TOG co-op is Wed AM, and gymnastics for everyone is Fri afternoon -- we balance our reading accordingly.


My second thought is specific to our situation here -- so take it with a grain of salt. My D dd doesn't do very well with her accountability questions if she waits until she has completed all of her reading to discuss them orally. Some things she remembers very well but many others she finds she has to go back and look it up in her reading. So now I have her "take notes" on accountability questions every day after (or as) she reads. She fought that quite a bit at the beginning. But she now realizes that she's not only retaining much more but it is actually less time-consuming than having to go back and re-find information. Thinking questions are different -- most often you need to have completed most or all of the reading in order to noodle your way through them.


All in all, however, give your schedule a try. You may very well find that it is perfect for your family! If not, at least you'll know what areas need tweaking.

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