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That's more than they do at my husband's school.


Of course more is better. Is that all the time they are getting outside?


I don't have to keep track of P.E. but I aim for 2 or more hours of outside time a day. That can include inline skating, climbing trees, gardening, biking, running, playing soccer, etc.


The question I have is can I count running in the house? :D

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Daisy that is funny!!


no, the dog walk is not the only "PE" he gets. He is also in football 3x a week, co-op PE 1 hr every other week, and every day after school he is outside with the neighboorhood boys playing - on average 3 hrs and it is outside play. THough it has rained something horrible the last week and a half so he hasn't been out as much, but with the weather changing, the last 2 days he has been back outside.

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