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Vacuum suggestion! WoW

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My vacuum died and I borrowed my friends Dyson. Wonderful vacuum.


I couldn't afford to buy a Dyson, but I bought a Hoover that said it cleaned better than a Dyson.


$149 at Wal-mart.


Now, remember, I've been using my friend's Dyson. I thought my carpet was clean!


The thing keeps sucking up dirt! I vacuum a room and dump the bin then vacuum again and dump it. My carpet is recent so one wouldn't think there was that much buildup.


Maybe its sucking through the cement in the basement!



It does well at pulling up my pile to keep the carpet looking new.


For $149... I'm blown away.

I think its sucking dirt from underneath my carpet and my subfloor!!!!

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Maybe its sucking through the cement in the basement!




That's the excuse I use when my Dyson demonstrates (again) what disgusting people we are. :D


Good to know Hoover is making a worthwhile vacuum again. We went through two Windtunnels in a year before we bought the Dyson. If that ever dies, I may have to take another look at Hoover.

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To be honest, I'm not surprised. I owned a Dyson animal which many claim is "The bomb" when it comes to vacuums. Well I didn't think it was such a great vacuum after about a year and we bought a Bissell, after Vacuuming with the Dyson we used the Bissell and was amazed at how much it picked up. We've had it about 2 years now and still like it although I'm starting to wish I had a bagged vacuum because bagless and my allergies don't mix well no matter what kind it is.


Glad you were able to find one you love.

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