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name 50 things you like or as close to 50

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there was an article in our newspaper today bt a local columnist. He said that he was complaining (like he said he usually does) to his dd and she asked him what did he like and could he name 50 things that he does like. He was only allowed to list 3 foods but he did come up with 50 things, so here is my try:


1-5 pizza, ice cream, cookies, also coffee (not counted as a food, right), my family,

6-10 my cats, the color of my hair, being short, living on an island, New Jersey


11-15 going to Jonas Bro. concerts with dd, lying in bed talking with dd every night just about stuff, the ocean, the Boardwalk, fireworks


16-20 my Uggs on cold days, fireplaces, ds makes me laugh, dh does most of the grocery shopping, flannel sheets on cold nights


25-30 any kind of books, old movies, anything Star Wars, Harrison Ford, Sean Bean


31-35 old tv shows, baseball, Olympics, teens, all baby animals


36-40 my new Versa cell phone, photos, study of history, going to sleep at night, sleeping in until 8 or 9 on Saturdays


41-45 eating at diners, how friendly my son is to everyone, hot air balloons,

amusement parks, Disney,


46-50 sound of rain and storm at night, getting mail, researching anything, Billy Crystal, and of course The Well Trained Mind forums

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Dh and my kids, that's six, the rest of my family. Seven.


All our cats, the dogs, the chickens, the horses. 11.


Swinging on the porch. Gardening. Living in the country. Winter, spring, summer, fall. Christianity.

Cook books. Blogging. Reading. Texting. The fact that I'm practically finished with homeschooling. Flowers. 25


Being Southern. Youtube. My friends the Morgans and the Vespers. All of their adorable children. The new young lady ds brought home. Facebook. Our church. Our pastors and their families. 34


Movies with monsters. Movies by M. Night Shymalan (??) Two for Tuesday pizza for the kids at their grandma's.

My laptop. Grand pianos and children that play them. Lost. Firefly and Serenity. 42


Coyotes howling. Sunny, dry days. Christmas visits. Tator tots, grits, steak. Good onion rings. Walmart.


I could go on.

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1-6: Jesus, dh, Moose, Zee, my stepdaughter, my stepson


7-10: Being a sahm, snuggling with my kids, snuggling with dh, not having to leave the house in the morning to go to work


11-15: Reading my bible, praying, taking a walk with the boys, serving my family a homecooked meal, cleaning (really!)


16-19: Having a home to live in, having food to eat, not being physically afraid to openly be a Christian, my salvation in Christ


20-25: The cute/random things my boys say, looking at my boys, hearing the boys laugh, watching the boys sleep, watching the boys be sweet to one another, hearing 'I love you, mommy'


26-29: chocolate, bagels, and maple brown sugar oatmeal. :001_smile: And Coke, since it's not a food. :D


30-36: My health, the fact that I lost 60 pounds this year, my new figure (:blush:), my long hair, wearing a headcovering, wearing jeans, warm cozy sweaters when it's chilly autumn outside


37-42: When all the laundry is done and the laundry room is clean, when there's no dishes in the sink, the beds being made, the living room being picked up, the breezeway being tidy, the bathrooms being clean. (Wow, I like things to be clean, don't I. :))


43-49: That lightbulb moment when I see one of the boys 'get' something, texting my dsd (it makes me feel young), when my dss tells me how good my cooking is, being different than most people I know, the pretty leaves on the tree outside, the fact that my boys love music, listening to music


And #50 is, of course, Homeschooling! :001_smile:


(Wow, what a neat exercise. I feel great now!)

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1. Reading in bed

2. Watching movies in bed with my kids

3. Laughing with my dh

4. Listening to my kids laugh

5. Watching my chickens

6. Going to the library

7. Playing Scrabble, Boggle etc

8. How cute my youngest dd looks when she's ready for ballet class-- love the little bun

9. Dropping stuff off at Goodwill

10. Dropping extra food off/giving away extra food

11. Nursing babies

12. Planning a trip

13. Going to a casino occasionally (yep. lol)

14. Talking politics with my oldest

15. Listening to my kids make music

16. Working in my garden

17. Disney World, Epcot

18. GOing to the farmer's market

19. Going to Trader Joe's

20. Talking to my sil, M at family parties.

22. The week after Christmas

23. New Year's Day

24. Buying something for a baby shower

25. Looking through the Chinaberry or Nova Natural catalog, even if I do not buy anything

26. Going to the poultry fair

27. Visting Central Park

28. Chopping onions, sauteeing garlic

29. Carrying babies in slings of front packs

30. Sleeping through the night.

31 Snuggling with my kids in bed as we fall asleep

32. Hearing a good joke

33. Looking at pix I loaded onto my blog (hate the loading part)

34. Checking out the WTM and another board.

35. Checking my email

36. Checking my FB

37. Thinking about the garden of my childhood

38. Thinking about when Dh & spent 4 mos after graduate school travelling across the US ands packpacking around Europe.

39. Visiting Natural History Museums

40. Eating in a great Mexican restuarant

41. Old black & white movies like

42. Sharing inside jokes with my dh

43. Going on day trips with my family

44. The way the air smells when you wake up in the woods.

45. The Ocean Beach People's Food Coop

46. Ocean Beach

47. San Fransisco

48. February in Florida

49. The view of the harbor on my street, the drive to my house once I turn onto my street

50. Texting my kids

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1. Falling asleep quickly

2. Staying asleep all night

3. Feeling rested during the day

4. Warm, fresh chocolate chip cookies

5. Being barefoot in the summer

6. Rainy days with no where to go

7. Just about any day with no where to go!

8. Filet Mignon

9. My dh smiling at me

10. Singing

11. Music

12. Reading

13. Sewing

14. Scrapbooking

15. Taking pictures of my children

16. My daughters

17. My sons

18. My parents

19-23. My brothers and sisters, cousins and nephews and nieces!

24. Cats

25. Dogs

26. Getting personal mail

27. A surprise treat from someone

28. Presents

29. Inspiring sermons

30. Candles lit in a clean home... ah, the peace

31. Hearing a child encourage someone

32. Compliments on a child's behavior

33. Good hair days

34. A well put together outfit that is comfortable

35. New underclothes

36. Warm air on a summer night

37. A very good movie

38. Not having to cook

39. Talking on the phone with my best friend

40. Fresh washed sheets

41. Feeling accomplished after a hard day's work

42. Writing

43. A cozy nap

44. Company

45. Dh grilling meats and veggies

46. A cleaned up flower bed

47. Random hugs from my children... now that they are all over 10!

48. When someone ornery gets what's coming to him/her

49. Laughter and humor that is not hurtful

50. Laughing in my silly ways with my kids



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1. Jesus

2. my church

3. my Bible

4. my son

5. my daughter

6. coffee

7. Nicole Miller skin care

8. chocolate

9. buffalo wings

10. my car

11. bluegrass music

12. homeschooling

13. living where I live

14. my dr. martens

15. reading

16. cooking

17-19. my cats

20. my dog

21. my bed

22. playing board games

23. watching movies

24. my hair

25. my eyes

26. my weight loss

27. tea

28. halloween

29. Christmas

30. my message boards

31. books

32. leaves turning color

33. snow falling

34. the smell of dd's hair when she's freshly showered

35. clean laundry

36. Belara perfume

37. woodsy/nature scented candles

38. flowers blooming

39. lilacs

40. praise music

41. the scent of newborns

42. the scent of horses

43. the scent of leather (I'm very "smelly" LOL)

44. the feel of sand in my hands

45. watching waves crash

46. the color the sky is in autumn

47. freedom to worship

48. freedom to homeschool

49. freedom to think for myself

50. my easy chair.

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1-9 My dh, kids, soon-to-be daughter-in-laws

10-12 watermelon, chocolate, coffee

13-20 reading, fire in the fireplace on cold nights, the first snow, a really

loud thunderstorm, days when I don't have to go anywhere,

libraries, bookstores

21-25 the beach in Florida on the Gulf Coast, Disney World, roller

coasters, camping with my family, going anywhere new

26-30 cruises, watching my dd's play girl stuff together, snuggling

with my youngest ds, talking late at night with my 16yo ds

about everything and nothing, reading my oldest ds's poetry

31-35 hearing from my 2nd ds in A-stan, talking to my bff in Florida on

the phone, talking to my oldest sister on the phone, going off for

the weekend with my dh, snuggling with my dh

36-40 watching silly movies with my whole family (oh the chaos),

listening to my two youngest when they don't know I'm

listening, clothes shopping with my 12yo dd, playing kickball

with family/friends in the pasture, reading to my dc

41-45 being alone at home, warm bubble baths, road trips with the

whole gang, discussing books with my soon-to-be dd-inlaw,

watching my youngest dd learn something amazing in

gymnastics, hiking with the family

46-50 watching my 12yo dd dance, watching my youngest ds play

amazing baseball, buying new curriculum, homeschooling, this


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Guest Virginia Dawn

I'm not going to list family members that would take up a large chunk.


1. Talking to my grandson on the phone

2. My small group Bible study

3. Reading

4. Fall

5. Spring

6. Heirloom Roses

7. Garden tomatoes

8. The sound of waves on the shore

9. Prairie Home Companion

10. Jamocha Almond Fudge ice cream

11. Home made soup

12. Hot Homemade bread with butter

13. chocolate

14. Thanksgiving with all the trimmings

15. Crossword puzzles

16. Cryptograms

17. fresh pineapple

18. Fresh mangoes and guavas

20. strawberry and blueberry picking with the kids

21. Macintosh apples

22. MGM musicals

23. Cary Grant

24. Sean Connery

25. tamales

26. gumbo

27. Eating out (which I rarely do)

28. Reading the market-ticker blog

29. visiting here

30. Clean romantic comedies

31. jalapeno flavored junk food

32. Wendy's frosties

33. Green

34. Chinese food

35. bare feet in the summer

36. warm socks in the winter

37. Hot tea

39. memories of my grandparents

40. swimming

41. Hearing other people praise my children

42. Hearing my children talk about how much they love me when they think I am not listening. (this happened recently)

43. Dh's kindness and patience

44. Talking to my oldest son about the world

45. History

46. Forests

47. Camping

48. fires (the domesticated kind)

49. Polite people

50. being alive


I couldn't stick to 3 foods. :-)

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This is a good exercise for a gloomy day!


1. Having a wonderful, supportive family

2. Making my husband laugh so hard that he can't swallow what he's eating/drinking

3. Napping while snuggled next to a warm kitty

4. Thinking about the little person growing inside of me

5. Having a clean kitchen (don't really like the process of getting there ;))

6. Smell of towels fresh from the dryer

7. Talking to my dad on the phone - he's incredibly calming

8. The nights where I only have to get up once to go to the bathroom

9. Spock

10. Reading an old, familiar book

11. Making little kids giggle

12. Crocheting things that don't take a lot of concentration

13. Watching White Christmas while decorating the Christmas tree

14. Watching my cats yawn

15. Chocolate chip cheesecake with cherry pie filling on the top

16. Talk radio

17. Not having to share my computer

18. Little surprises (big ones stress me out, lol)

19. The Andy Griffith Show - I could watch it all day

20. Not wearing makeup except for the very rare days that I feel like it

21. Fall days where it's just cool enough to wear a light jacket or sweater

22. Seeing cardinals in my yard

23. Skipping

24. Diamonds

25. Wearing fuzzy socks in the winter

26. Crayons

27. Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

28. Microsoft Excel (yes, I know I'm a dork)

29. Getting rid of things I don't need

30. Having my husband get rid of things he doesn't need (much more rare)

31. Having a simple wardrobe

32. Playing hymns on my flute

33. Madison, WI

34. BBQ chopped pork

35. Getting things done more quickly than expected

36. YouTube

37. Saving money and having a husband who shares this "like"

38. Buying/receiving things that are hand made

39. Ticket to Ride (the board game)

40. Cheese, pretty much all kinds

41. Grocery shopping

42. Not having to drive when I go somewhere with my husband

43. House, MD

44. Going to the second run movie place for $1

45. Trains

46. Learning new things

47. Think Geek

48. Wearing an apron

49. My VitaMix

50. Having found a husband who likes things that are as weird as I do

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1. Being able to say "my daughter"

2. Listening to my boys play in the other room

3. My 2 yr old pretending to be a monkey

4. Thunderstorms

5. Books

6. Libraries

7. Peppermint ice cream

8. The fact that my husband grocery shopped for us last night.

9. And that he bought me peppermint ice cream.

10. Tulips

11. Listening to rain at night

12. My "pretty songs" playlist on my computer

13. Hot baths

14. Not being pregnant

15. Our church family

16. Making lists and checking them off

17. A clean house

18. Swimming

19. Watching Survivor

20. Doing science experiements with my 5 yr old

21. Bacon

22. Knowing how to bake bread

23. Playing board games

24. Doing puzzles

25. The Olympics

26. Painting my toenails

27. The smell of baby lotion

28. My "hot pillow"

29. Sleep

30. "And Can it Be"

31. Mashed potatoes

32. Diet Coke

33. Autumn

34. Most movies by Christopher Guest

35. Traveling

36. Reading the entire Sunday paper

37. Little pink dresses folded up in the drawer

38. Quilts

39. The feel of fingerpainting

40. Being barefoot

41. Going to the ballet

42. Live theater

43. Backrubs

44. Tex-Mex

45. Rays

46. Taking a walk

47. Teaching my son to read

48. Being alone sometimes

49. Being a pediatrician

50. Being a Mommy

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1. my family

2. travelling

3. living overseas

4. sunsets

5. kittens

6. mexican food

7. a good book

8. reading aloud to my kids

9. my DD's smile

10. snuggling with my kids

11. watching tv in bed with DH

12. One Tree Hill

13. moving every few years

14. Tollhouse Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

15. wine

16. watching my kids play soccer

17. shopping

18. taking pictures

19. The Tudors

20. Eating Out

21. wearing crazy socks

22. autumn

23. History

24. having people compliment my children (who are so not well behaved but do a good job pretending in public most of the time)

25. rainy days spent at home

26. planning trips

27. daydreaming

28. my huge fuzzy blanket

29. Facebook

30. homeschooling

31. school supplies

32. snuggling with hubby

33. bubble baths

34. painting nails with DD

35. listening to 10 yo DS's crazy ideas

36. hearing 8 yo DS read

37. having conversation with almost 12 yo DS

38. watcing DD sing and dance

39. days when I don't have to do anything

40. Exchanging email with DH when he's at work

41. Window shopping at the mall

42. picking the perfect Christmas gifts for my kids

43. my DH's cooking

44. wearing hoodies

45. being in love

46. Europe

47. old castles

48. good friends

49. hugs and kisses

50. DH coming home from work trips and deployments

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1. hugs

2. kisses

3. snuggling

4. a warm blanket on a cold night

5. cool sheets on a warm night

6. lots of pillows on my bed

7. long baths

8. lotion

9. conditioner

10. Q-tips

11. Caramel Frappacino from Starbucks

12. long conversations with my oldest daughter

13. staying up late at night with honey

14. sitting around a fire on a chilly night

15. watching the clouds move across the late night sky when the moon is full

16. books!!!!!

17. the internet

18. libraries

19. people

20. shopping

21. coupons

22. knitting

23. crocheting

24. yarn

25. throws on the couch

26. road trips

27. camping

28. hearing coyotes howl in the middle of the night

29. stumbling through the desert in the dark with a flashlight to get to the bathroom

30. the smell of the desert

31. my computer chair

32. the purse my mom just sent me

33. being able to communicate via telephone

34. MOVIES!!!!!

35. birthdays

36. halloween

37. autumn

38. haircuts

39. I LOVE to have someone play with my hair

40. HUGE bath towels

41. Diet Dr. Pepper

42. stickers

43. balloons

44. folk art

45. parties

46. playing video games with my son or my husband

47. working outside (yard work, gardening, etc.)

48. watching animals

49. listening to my DC play when they don't know I'm listening

50. watching my DC play when they don't know I'm watching


I could go on and on and on and on and on- I love life, there's so much to enjoy- even when we're having a bad day.

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Sunday afternoon naps, crossword puzzles, mechanical pencils, my laptop, my iPod Touch.


Books by Jane Austen, travel adventure books, period romantic movies, Broadway musicals, pictures of cute animals.


The library, bookstores, iTunes, boys' choirs, world music.


Documentaries, historical fiction, reading aloud to ds, coffee shops, blueberry scones.


Lattes, dancing, singing, acting, the ocean.


Greek pizza from Grimaldi's, kung pao chicken, creme brulee, coloring with colored pencils, talent shows.


Trying new recipes, rain (when I don't have to go out), hiking or playing in the snow, watching it snow, cats.


My dh, my ds, Oreo (our old fat rabbit), Lanah (our young bossy rabbit), the zoo.


Old cartoons, Mythbusters, Switchfoot, going to the symphony, hiking.


The Police, logic puzzles, Tim Hawkins' comedy, hanging out with friends, tigers.



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In no certain order =)


My dh and our 3 precious children.

Watching my dds dance.

Watching ds in karate.

Hearing the kids laugh.


Planting and harvesting the garden.


Whole and raw foods

Fresh milk from our dairy goats.

The ocean.

11.The mountains.


Wood furniture

Wood floors

My iphone ;)


Blue Jays, cardinals and hummingbirds

Watching hawks hunt during hay baling

The sound of rain on a tin roof


21. making soap and candles

Planting a perennial garden

The kids' tree houses

The smell of hay (from a safe distance)

Trees and flowers in bloom

Apple picking

Chopping our own Christmas tree

Nutcracker season

Taking pictures of the kids when they're not looking

Hearing my dh sing

31. My old Bible

Visiting with old people

The sun on a cool day

Shade on a hot day

Flavored coffee

Ceiling fans

Cowboy hats

Hanging clothes on the line to dry


British accents

41.Hugs from dc



My crock pot

Winter nights with no lights on...only lit candles

Short power outages in the winter

Watching dogs and kids fight for space in front of the fire

Family outings/trips

A day at a museum

Big cities

51. Country life

Peppermint tea

Visiting with my parents and sisters


Old barns

Classical music

Just-groomed schnauzers

Our goofy labradoodle

Our faithful black lab

Pine trees

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This will be good for me. I struggle daily with being thankful for the blessings in my life, rather than complaining about the bad. I just hope I can think of 50 things...


I like (not in any particular order):


1. my family

2. having faith

3. watching a good movie

4. reading a good book

5. having discussions with my kids about good books

6. scrapbooking

7. shopping (when I have money to splurge a little)

8. baking cookies

9. reading the WTM forum posts :)

10. chocolate

11. mexican food

12. going to a nice restaurant once in a while

13. being able to help others sometimes

14. my Rainbow Resource catalog

15. homeschooling

16. learning new things along with my kids

17. fuzzy socks

18. my Cricut :D

19. my van

20. taking my kids to the donut shop early in the morning

21. watching my kids play in the snow (doesn't happen very often here)

22. Fall and all of the local fall/harvest festivities

23. Thanksgiving (especially the fried turkey)

24. Christmas (especially driving around and looking at the lights)

25. finding a good bargain in a thrift store

26. Grey's Anatomy

27. my computer

28. our local teacher resource stores

29. the smell of a new book

30. the library

31. Starbucks!!

32. having strangers tell me how well-behaved my kids are

33. field trips

34. peanut butter fudge (I hope this doesn't put me over the limit on food)

35. going to the zoo

36. taking a walk when the weather is nice

37. Dirty Jobs (and Mike Rowe :D)

38. playing Mario Kart on the Wii with my DS

39. the color of my eyes (it changes from green to brown to sort-of hazel)

40. the green Eddie Bauer sweater that I took from my STBXH

41. being able to stay in my pj's all day if I want to

42. getting together with a few friends for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just coffee

43. Ancient History

44. Paperback Swap

45. hearing my children read and knowing that I taught them

46. visiting my BF who moved to another city a few years ago

47. poetry

48. scented candles

49. making shoe box gifts for Operation Christmas Child

50. last, but not least, having toilet paper in the house!!! (that's a different thread) :lol:

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What a fun thread! Here's mine:


Jesus, my husband, Anna, Emma, Cora 5

the new church we tried last week, my 2 brothers, my 2 sisters in law 10

my parents, photography, reading, my Macbook 15

sunshine, autumn, snow, rain, cloudy days 20

naps, snuggling in the morning with my babies, chocolate, deliveries from UPS or Fedex, birthdays 25

"The Evolution of Dance" video on Youtube, Target, Facebook, my best friend, girls night out 30

homeschooling, animals, hearing my girls reading, baking, Napoleon Dynamite 35

massages, long baths, cool sheets, having the windows open, karaoke 40

historic buildings, vacation, lilies, kisses, hugs 45

having a great librarian who knows my name and what I like to read, the ocean, the mountains, pumpkins, and berry picking 50

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1-5 My kids, husband, house, van and garden.


6-10 Autumn, tall trees, rain on a warm summer night, the smell of a fire, and holding hands


11-15 Making out with my dh!!, warm wood floors, fresh veggies, fog, and sunrises.


16-20 Homemade food, slippers, my health, my eyes, and kids laughter.


21-25 Imagination, books, lists and plans, remodeling, and coloring.


26-30 Crisp autumn nights, seeing my breath in the morning, my dh's smile, his laugh, date night.


31-35 Church, girl time, walks, my very cute purse, and my skinny flattering jeans!! :)


36-40 Best friends, sister, laughter, cheesecake, and Thanksgiving.


41-45 Anticipation, faith, kind old men, sassy old ladies, and my small town.


46-50 Family, libraries, big ideas/dreams, possiblity and Life!

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I really need to do this... (in no particular order except 1&2!)


1&2. My girls

3. My dad

4. My mom

5. My DH

6. My car

7&8. My LV purses

9. Baseball

10. October baseball

11. Fall candles

12. Being able to open the window and turn off the AC

13. The MLB Network

14. Reading

15. Listening to good music

16. Getting a package in the mail/UPS

17. Shopping for my girls

18. Les Miserables

19. The Phantom of the Opera

20. Sushi

21. Good chocolate

22. Curling up under plenty of blankets in my bed

23. Warm pajamas

24. The internet

25. Elton John

26. Project Runway

27. The Braves

28. Seeing a Braves game in person

29. Watching my girls open presents on Christmas morning

30. My meds (hate having to take them, but glad they're there for me)

31. Hearing Sylvia say, "Snuggle!"

32. Watching Becca do gymnastics

33. My morning cup of coffee



Ummmm, let me come back to this...

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Only 3 foods! Okay .... grump, grump.



Homemade cookies, marzipan, homemade fudge, hot sunny days, windows open at night



Watching the cows walk to the pasture in the morning, watching birds, watching hawks go after murders of crows (crows always win), watching the Red Sox win the World Series, watching old sitcoms



WTM message board, Garden Web message board, playing mahjong on the computer, scouting Amazon.com for books to order from the library, general computer research on an abundance of topics



Planning holidays, planning parties, planning schoolwork for the year, writing lists of Christmas presents to buy, writing to do lists



Listening to Beethoven, listening to The Rolling Stones, listening to K C & the Sunshine Band, listening to the kids talk to one another without arguing, listening to the cows moo and roosters crow from the farms around here



Hoisting myself into my SUV, going to large art festivals, going to the farmer's market, going to the library, going to Home Depot



Visiting my family in KY, green trees against blue sky, baking with fresh pumpkin instead of canned, beach vacations, mountain vacations



Great art museums, kitchen designing, Boston, driving a power boat very fast, apple and blueberry picking



Getting enough sleep, being in the mood to bake all day, reading, doing math & logic games, fires in fireplaces



Bear hunting (to see them), tromping through the forest with my dog, having everything in its place, peonies and primroses, my family (mentioned last, but really first)


51- Gee, I can't believe I can think of lots more things! I ought to print this list out.

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I'll knock out the foods first ; )


1 - 5


Ruby Tuesday's Smokehouse Burger, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, Funyuns, strawberry milk, hot cocoa with freshly whipped cream (the last two are drinks!)...




soft, cotton clothing, the perfect pair of jeans, pea coats (peacoats?), flip flops, frilly, girly tops...




Poirot, true-crime novels, Jane Austen novels, Louisa May Alcott novels, Tom Sawyer...




sewing, instant gratificaton crochet projects, handmade greeting cards, DIY home improvement projects, handmade gifts...




orchestra concerts, string quartets, Bon Jovi, Michael Bolton, Air Supply...




milk glass, antique furniture, monograms, crown moulding, wainscoting...




toes in the sand, amusement parks, trips to the mountains, waterfalls, exploring old castles...




chasing fireflies, campfires, pretending I know how to fish:tongue_smilie:, stargazing, sprinklers...




board games, Rock Band, The Legend of Zelda, spades, playing ten thousand with my mom...




Tristan, Josef, Daniel Jr., Dylan, and Daniel (hubby)...


Wow, I could go on for a while!

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These are in no particular order:

1 cooking without a recipe

2 dancing in the shower

3 sleeping

4 watching cooking shows

5 pretending I am the host of a cooking show

6 children...what they say, how they smell, their honesty, who they help you become.

7 the internet

8 my husband for understanding

9 my best girlfriend for being so there

10 Mad Men

11 The Office (British version)

12 Arrested Development

13 my books...all of them...even the ones I haven't met yet

14 Music!!!!

15 My father for letting be know it is okay to not have it figured out yet.

16 My mother for loving me anyway.

17 My sister...she is my best friend and my best mirror!

18 Charles Bukoski for being honest.

19 red wine

20 coffee

21 enamel shield toothpaste...because I love red wine and coffee!

22 birds! they fly into my life to remind me that everything is fleeting and I should be aware!

23 Max...my neighbors cat! He has become a dear friend.

24 Away We Go...the movie I just thoroughly enjoyed this evening.

25 letter writing.

26 Snow!

27 the crunchy sound leaves make

28 being truly happy in a moment of perfection.

29 http://www.npr.org

30 http://www.uncommongoods.com

31 this site

32 http://www.anthropologie.com

33 not having a myspace/facebook page...no offense!

34 checking out celebrity news...just to feel sane.

35 maps

36 rocks

37 photography...my own

38 plants...from seed, in my home, in my yard, all around me.

39 travel

40 walking..everywhere.

41 work

42 late nights when everything is quite...headphones, tunes, peace!

43 glassware, white dishes, my one favorite pottery mug

44 dogs running with abandon

45 being honest even if that means something negative!

46 reading a book for the second time...but it feeling like the first

47 late night texts from my tipsy friends! hehe

48 being kind, when it would be easier to be short or cruel.

49 being a woman

50 understanding what being a woman can mean!

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Enough to eat

warm house

feeling safe with an unlocked door

my son

my childhood

my job

a car that runs well

a cozy bed

enough sleep at night

no debt

Anna the social worker at work


my deceased parents

their easy deaths

votes, education, and respect for women 15


unexpected humor

having a decent IQ



Teaching Company Lectures

My old professor Leon Sinclair

Living the era of antibiotics

Ditto anesthesia for surgery

Ditto Xray, MRI, CT scans, etc


Dr. Warren Wetzel, traumatologist, deceased

having had one real true-love, even if it wasn't reciprocated


Errol Morris

praise from those I respect 30


my sibs and niblings

my deceased pets


being a Freethinker http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freethought


deciduous trees

ancient Mediterranean cultures

homegrown tomatoes


things made of wood

Oriental rugs

"The years that bring the philosophic mind"


Van Gogh

Buildings that stand for hundreds of years 45


the internet




comfy shoes 50

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1-5 Pizza, Sweet Potato Fries, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Coffee, Chinese Restaurants (is it cheating to say the restaurant instead of the food)


6-10 Smell of vanilla, Lilies, hot showers, love notes, sex


11-15 sleeping children, squeeze hugs, the way my dog loves me, the way God always answers my prayers, the way my husband snuggles me


16-20 Homeschooling, IEW, Charlotte Mason, Reading, making lists


21-25 Beachcombing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, that second wind during a run, fencing w/ my son


26-30 Christmas, Costumes, KC and the Sunshine Band, hugs from my kids, getting flowers when it's not mother's day or my birthday or anniversary


31-35 A good debate, reading my Bible, Little Red Riding Hood antiques, USMC, pink clouds


36-40 Sudoku, Logic problems, Princess Bride, Fantasy Football, The Jets,


41-45 Couponing, Planning, jumping into a pile of fall leaves, hot chocolate after the snow, a true compliment


46-50 Wrestling and fooling around with my husband, the feeling when you finally take your bra off, brand new notebooks, my morning constitutional, bookstores and libraries

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1. dh

2. dd

3. ds

4. our old dog, Lily

5. our fat cat, Blue

6. french fries

7. pizza

8. cheese

9. coffee

10. red wine

11. warm tea

12. lavender

13. the smell of pine

14. dirt/soil

15. earthworms in the soil

16. pulling weeds

17. old, fragrant roses

18. peonies

19. architecture

20. very old houses

21. stone churches

22. candlelight

23. frankensence

24. Renaissance art

25. studying world faiths/religeons

26. old cemetaries

27. making people laugh

28. watching my children learn and grow

29. autumn

30. the smell of chimney smoke

31. the idea of self-sufficiency

32. thunderstorms

33. snowstorms when I've got everything I need and can stay in

34. snow covered trees

35. Charles Dickens

36. John Steinbeck

37. the thesaurus

38. watching the fog float just above a lake

39. cookbooks

40. reading before bed

41. a darn good story, anytime

42. empty laundry baskets

43. fresh, clean, cool sheets

44. down bedding

45. fuzzy slippers

46. newborn animals

47. matching tableware

48. going to bed and waking up to a spotlessly clean house

49. black and white movies

50. jeans and cable knit sweaters (okay, that's 2, but they go together)

(51. these boards :-)


Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be. Maybe I'm not such a grump afterall.

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Being a mom, Being a wife, Staying at home, Homeschooling, Lunch with my girls


Pumpkin Spice Steamers, DQ Blizzards (current flavor is Butterfinger), Peanut Butter, cooking, grocery shopping (after the kids are in bed, with a steamer)


Laptop, Facebook, Farmtown, Farmville, WTM Boards


Flannel Sheets, Baggy sweatshirts, Baggy Fleecies, My Keen Sandals, Blue jeans


Insulated mugs (filled with ice cold milk), Tanzanites (the DARK ones), Diamonds, Autumn, Sugar Maple trees in Autumn


My Church, Beth Moore studies, MOPS, Monday Nights (Kids are at church for 2.5 hrs! & I'm free!), Panera's free WiFi


Crime TV, True Crime books, Forensic Science, Profiling, Criminal Psychology


Bears, Moose, dogs, horses, Baby Bison,


Half Priced Books, Goodwill, My Electric Blanket, Sleeping, Flannel Sheets,


Praise & Worship music, My Blackberry, texting, baking & candy-making with my girls, and cuddles.

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1. Being a wife

2. Being a mom

3. Teaching my kids

4. Teaching music

5. Playing my clarinet

6. Cuddling up under a warm blanket

7. Playing board games with the kids

8. Playing online puzzle games

9. Reading other homeschoolers' blogs

10. WTM boards

11. Facebook

12. Listening to the sound of the ocean

13. Hiking in the woods

14. The smell of fresh baked bread

15. Chocolate!!! (especially Reese cups!)

16. Watching House with my hubby

17. Taking pictures

18. Looking at pictures

19. Scrapbooking

20. Going to the drive in movie theater

21. Swimming in my in-laws' pool

22. Staying up late with my mother in law chatting when we visit

23. Shopping

24. Researching Christmas gifts online before buying

25. Playing the Wii with the kids

26. Making pancakes for breakfast

27. Flowers

28. Having a garden

29. Sudoku

30. Reading a good book

31. Listening to Christmas music

32. Driving around to look at Christmas lights

33. Going to the aquarium

34. Going to the zoo

35. Staying in a hotel

36. Cuddling with hubby

37. Snuggling with the kids

38. Playing trains with my 2 year old

39. The smell of a newborn baby

40. Beethoven's 9th Symphony

41. Being near water

42. Being with my family

43. Researching curriculum

44. Going to the park

45. Going for a walk

46. Listening in on my kids when they are playing together nicely and don't know I'm listening

47. Watching movies

48. Singing along with my mp3 player

49. Going to the library

50. Going to comedy clubs with my hubby

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wow, thanks for responding everyone. I feel like I have gotten to know some of you much better, in a very good way. I also can't believe that I left sunsets and snow off of my list.


Thanks for posting it! I thought I would struggle with 50, but I left off the smell of Barnes and Noble, chocolate, writing, the list is much longer than I thought...I had to cheat and add the boards as 51, though :-)


I think its a good exercise to do with the family, and then trade our lists with each other. I'll bet we will be surprised by what the other wrote.

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1. dh

2. dd

3. dd

4. my home

5. homeschool

6. our golden retriever

7. my small lap dog

8. dd's dog

9. beta fish

10. chocolate

11. sunny days

12. bike riding

13. Leslie Sansone dvds

14. pilates stretching

15. watching dd dance

16. music

17. Dee Henderson books

18. Christmas decorations

19. Christmas baking

20. candles

21. quilting

22. crochet

23. puzzles

24. knitting

25. swimming

26. horses

27. sudoku

28. ipod

29. netflix

30. cookbooks

31. library

32. Market Fresh

33. hot tea with honey

34. my minivan

35. board games with dc

36. comfy clothes

37. clean sheets

38. warm blankets

40. smell of Hawaiian Tropic oil

41. massages

42. baking bread from fresh ground whole wheat

43. my gfs

44. roses

45. shopping for dc

46. going for walks with dh

47. kite flying

48. hot bath with a good book

49. cozy pjs on chilly evenings

50. laying in a hammock

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