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Math suggestions for verbal boy


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Ds is highly verbal, language-oriented, linguistically inclined, whatever you'd like to call it. If it requires words, he loves it. Now I'm noticing that he seems to process math much better the more words there are.


For example, today he read a word problem about someone having 68 baseball cards and giving 25 away so how many are left, and ds did this problem mentally in about 3 seconds. If this same problem were written 68-25= (or the vertical equivalent) he would hem and haw, look out the window, get distracted by a bird, start talking to me about the last thing he read about birds...you get the picture. Sometimes when he starts to drift I turn the calcuation into a sentence, "If I had 8 brownies and ate 5, how many are left?" Then he answers immediately.


We've just added Singapore to MUS, and I can't believe the CWP are oop; I'm anxious for whatever replaces it. I also like getting books from the Living Math website. Later, I think the Times Tales will be perfect for him along with Life of Fred.


Other ideas for now or ones I can tuck away for the future?



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