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Any ideas/tips for starting a church children's library?

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I headed one up years ago. First thing we did was get rid of the stuff that wouldn't be God-pleasing. I couldn't believe it, but there was tons of it in there!


There used to be a fantastic library store in Tremont, IL that sold great plastic thingys to identify shelf contents.


Providence Christian Bookstores used to have a helpful newsletter for church libraries.


I've heard of church libraries that have many popular books for homeschooling. I think that's a very helpful idea if you have several hs families in your church.


The dvds and videos really were the best-used resources. We ended up buying only those as we added to the library.

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We fill out a short form which is entered into the computer system of the library: Name (all members of family), phone, and address. They do not issure cards...when you check out they just ask for the name. They use a grocery tagger, you know the kind that print numbers and you rub it across the item and it sticks? to put the return date on the back of the book.


All overdue fees are used to buy new books. Ours is set up like a regular library (it has adult books too), but the children's area has small benches, stuffed animals, a foam play mat, some busy beads, etc. They also decorate it for the different seasons, of course now it has pumpkins and friendly halloween stuff.


We also do a summer reading program each year which is a lot of fun. It's kicked off with a Sunday afternoon program, lasts for a month, and readers must read a certain number of books from each category: fiction, nonfiction/bios, religion, etc to qualify for an "award". there is a recognition program at the end where the top readers are given a prize and everyone that met the minimums are given a certificate and goody bag...it's a lot of fun and grow every year!



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